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Scheduled for publication on the date of the 14th of September 2019, I was met with an obvious obstruction to my biography print of the truth for resolution mid 2019. After Numerous Breaches to my Human Rights to resolution and Freedom Of Information, as well as the substantial criminal offences committed against myself by police mounting, the FULL PROOFED MANUSCRIPT to the point of resolution (excluding the charging of Kurt Slaven) is now available as a complete downloadable purchase.

A True Crime Biography outlining the untold underworld of Mount Gambier, a Tragic Murder and a level of corruption within the South Australian police force which covered up sex offending, drug dealing and span to the protection of pedophilia.

With many readers whilst authoring UGLY HEROS victims or subject to police corruption and violence, my fight for Human Rights is as expressed in the biography is also for those whom before me have been forced into silence.

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