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I am a selected designer for *September NYFW Ones To Watch!

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

So like, I nearly fainted. This Amazing opportunity - The Dream of ALL Fashion Designers to debut on the New York Fashion Week Runway!

15 years of Barbwire Noose in Australia, I was lost for words in Excitement. One of the largest runways in the World after a campaign promoting the Human Rights Activism and passionate Mission and Vision of 'A Better World'. Designing started for New York Fashion Week in 2020.

Designer Princess Marcia - BN Couture

Tailoring in Adelaide, South Australia. I look forward to this Amazing Opportunity whilst awaiting long overdue charges against a list of sex offenders the Australian Police Force had protected for years to cover up their own involvement in crimes and an insidious culture of corruption.

Human Rights Matter.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights should be International Legislation. Vitally for Australia - A Bill of Rights Australia.

*Unfortunately the circumstances of Human Rights and Just Justice Activism, also Australia's dictator like travel restrictions unfortunately Barbwire Noose NYFW appearance in September 2021.

Due to this disruption select garments of the 'Crafted with Character' collection retailed in Flying Solo store in New York City from October 2021.

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