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Diploma Music Production Studies (Diploma of Arts) Original Composition 1st Trimester Project. Recovering from a bad dose of covid, in the middle of the desert in Australia travelling home from a six month Barbwire Noose holiday, practicing for a TVC voice over. This is a taste of Interlude including on MARCIIA EP currently in the making.


You don't hear me when I say I Love You and Goodbye at the same time. I Love You xx So I wrote a poem, And turned it into a song, A few verses, But you can't sing along. I used a video just for you, And though the world has no clue, I sent it, And ment it. For as time subsides, And we collide, The hollowness of lies, Can be seen in the shadow behind my eyes.🖤 An amateur video made for my then fiancee at the time Travis Paul Enmon Jr. Sent to him via Homewav app, he apparently showed other inmates in exchange for cookies and other desired items while he was incarcerated (June 2022). 

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