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International Women's Day 2021

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

March 8th #IWD2021

This year’s International Women's Day theme is Choose to Challenge – because a challenged world is an alert world, and from challenge comes change. Evidently I choose to challenge.👑✌

The bold, outspoken Author of 2 Autobiographies of Change.

Today, so many women and girls still face an abundance of challenges in their everyday lives – simply because they were born a girl. Person brought up in an environment where women were empowered yet underneath their man. The song by No Doubt 'Just a Girl' springs to mind. Challenging the notion that women are less, the idea that our Human Rights are not as important as a man's rights, that we need a man in life, etc is important. I have spent over 6 years now single, one almost relationship (2 days virtual) I have felt the impacts of gender discrimination. Enduring a forced relationship from a man of power, living single in a man's world has been challenging. Especially whilst boldly whistleblowing the male predominate sex industry. I have been sexual assaulted and then slut shamed and suffered victim blaming. I have endure vast Human Rights breaches to which I Never knew existed as a person of long term relationships. The #MeToo such an empowering step towards change, NOW is the time to Challenge men for respect and equality and challenging unfair social norms and belittling behavior is the Only way towards change.

Moving out of home with a male, in a serious relationships since 2000 until 2014. To survive as an independent woman presented SO many unexpected challenges. Respect, Human Rights, Financial and physically. A man's income considered more stable than a woman's - my skills challenging gender roles as a well qualified women I was still viewed as less capable than a male. Physically as a petite lady I was also challenged in simple tasks like at the airport with 20 kgs of luggage, being politely offered assistance in a condescending manner - not so polite. Sexual abuse and male privilege rife as a single woman, males expecting you want sexual relations or to interact single - even if you don't. The chances of being sexually abused dramatically increased. Increasing simple by men thinking I was single with no partner to stop their sexual indiscretions could do so. The situation revealing elements of men's entitlement and man's world I had never experienced so profoundly before. Disrespect I had Never experienced since teenagehood.

These little, big things defined. As women we must support eachother in successes and to change these socially unacceptable, yet accepted, norms. The shaming of single women and predominate rape culture which still exists in societies today. Inequality and male privilege. Choose to Challenge I think is the perfect theme for International Women's Day 2021. Hoping for better opportunities - Equality and Respect for all women alike into the future, I hope you choose to Challenge society to change.

Pictured: Princess Marcia Anita Hobbs as featured in Global Lifestyle Magazine. Available globally on Amazon and leading reading store's.

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