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Bold and Rebellious Legal Activism for Human Rights Recognition - AUSTRALIA

Marcia championed a stand for Victims and Human Rights regarding sexual assault, equality and dignity heavily during the period 2019 - 2023, with True accounts of neglect and sexual abuse shared in governing National Commission hearings. Marcia's name is known to all in National Political Address for her ruthless and relentless whistleblowing pursuits. Boldly and Bluntly calling out Human Rights breaches, never holding back to verbalising indecency, disrespect and floundered accountability. 

Other social and public movements Marcia and Brand Barbwire Noose® have been involved in includes signing to the World Kindness Movement. Challenging Freemasonry of Australia to a higher level than the successors before her and endless political grandstanding. Marcia continues to deliver passionate devotion to kindness and the fine line of not being weak in kindness. Volunteering spare time and Standing Against Bullying. Bullying - a key concern amongst youth today, by-stander Culture and Organised Crime. Inspiring and influencing our youth towards ‘A Better World’ with sponsorship to the police StreetSmart Handbook Incentives, countless volunteering efforts and many more 'A Better World' orientated initiatives. Recognised globally from billboards in New York Times Square to South Carolina promoting Human Rights, Barbwire Noose and the brands 'A Better World' initiative Princess Marcia lives her brand, a life of LIFE-MUSIC-FREEDOM.

Inspirational Speaking about courage against Bullying.

World Kindness Australia Ambassador


World Kindness Australia is not a governing body, it is a platform for national collaboration designed to encourage and support all sectors of our communities to engage in the global campaign for a kinder world. World Kindness Australia ’s membership base is not specifically for “Kindness” organisations as it seeks engagement with cities, government departments, business, education, nfp community groups, peak association bodies and individuals of influence. We welcome you to join with us in this worthy endeavour as we continue to research and explore more opportunities to Inspire, Engage & Influence those with influence, on how a kinder world can be realised in our lifetime.


The WKA Story

World Kindness Australia was founded in May 2011 as a registered Not For Profit following the success of a local school campaign in 2009 to address the issues of bystander behaviour with the “Courage To Be Kind”. This saw World Kindness Day (November13th) placed on both the New South Wales State and Australian Federal School Calendars by the Departments of Education resulting in 400 events in the following months. This caught the attention of the Singapore Government who at the time was the Secretariat to the global body. The global campaign aims to ensure Kindness engages everyone from our classrooms, to our staff rooms and from our Boardrooms and those residing in our corridors of Government. In Australia we saw the campaign as a way to address the fear associated to bystander behaviour in situations of bullying, however it has far more reach in a world which struggles to find the “Courage To Be Kind” and be the best it can be.

Our goal is to bring diverse communities together in a world which often finds itself being captured by a campaign of fear and hate through harnessing the research, goodwill and ideas of many from across the nation and indeed the world because sadly the only thing that does not discriminate is discrimination where the crosshairs can fall on one’s politics, race, religion, gender, sexual preference, age and even post codes. By establishing a platform for national collaboration based on a foundation of kindness we are placed in a better position to deliver outcomes which can focuss on content rather than the messenger, which can be a catalyst for real change. Engaging cities to support our member’s campaigns and activities is a key element to our charter to execute the global strategy and has already seen seen cities and local councils sign declarations of support and appoint Goodwill Ambassadors.


Following the presentation of a global strategy to change the world at the 7th General Assembly in London in September 2012, World Kindness Australia was elected to be the Secretariat to the World Kindness Movement, representing 27 nations. This saw the Kindness Torch pass from the Singapore Government’s Ministry of Culture, to World Kindness Australia a relative young not for profit. Her Excellency Dame Marie Bashir Governor of NSW was one of the first to lend her support and hosted an event at NSW Government House to welcome back the Australian delegation and officially present Certificates of Membership to the Cities, local Councils, Schools, the University of Sydney and Not for Profit organisations who had joined the campaign. With the mantel as the Secretariat our international work began in ernest. 

With Australia’s stewardship of the International Council and with assistance from foreign consulates and the Office of the Australian Prime Minister, the international membership grew to include former non member nations such as China, Malaysia, France, Switzerland, South Africa, Thailand, Mexico, Pakistan, Ukraine and Liberia,

World Kindness Australia received recognition and independent international endorsement as Australia’s peak National Kindness body after the motion was resolved unanimously by the World Kindness Movement’s International delegates convening in Sydney for the 8th General Assembly in September 2014.

In 2017 having presented the Australian Prime Minister’s Message in Seoul at the 9th General Assembly for the 20th anniversary of the international campaign, WKA succesfully presented the bid for the City of Gold Coast in Queensland to become the first city to be internationally listed as a “World Kindness City”.

After serving a 5 year term as Secretariat, we passed the “Kindness Torch” on wishing the new bearers of this responsibility well. We continue in our participation in an activitive capacity retaining a seat on the World Kindness Movement’s International Council, to engage non member nations and international organisations in the global campaign for a kinder world. The World Kindness Movement &  The World Kindness Project.

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