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Updated: Oct 2, 2019

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Whilst Proofing paints the reader into the True Crime Tragedy (another Taste of the print edition below - CHAPTER 6 'The Plot'!) I am into the final stages before the road to print in publication and still laughing at my own jokes in the unbelievable saga called My Life. Don't Forget to grab personalised pre-order copy for the first 500 orders!!

Griffiths states that he approached Graham Young and propositioned him previously, Young rejected Paul’s proposal he said due to Graham Young already having established relationship with a senior rank in the South Australia Police Force. The SAPOL Detectives found my information of no value and did not continue to speak to me.

I had been trying to supply a phone with text conversation with Tim Stringer as he was my

then boyfriends friend and Tim had been confiding in this boy.

Paul Griffiths previous expressing to have connections with several other members of it

Gambier’s underworld, Sean and Big Ben (deport criminal during this investigation from New

Zealand) through his own admission. Sean Irvine with whom Paul alleged to have a close

business association with to myself in my lounge room, unknown to me, was later implicated

in the murder investigation of Gordon Hamm.

On the 14 February 2013 I commenced a friendship with local football player, ex motocross

rider and gun plumber David Bradley, who was a old friend of Shaun Irvine. Bradley and I

entered a relationship to which I had suspicions of Bradley’s intentions as he asked a lot

regarding myself and Paul Griffiths relationship oddly when we first started hanging out. As

there is no relationship between Paul and I the concern was not of detriment, just a trust


It was after being threatened by an axe over my fence placed outside of my security

surveillance camera footage (the axe had been given to Tim Stringer by David) that I

recorded conversation of David Bradley and provided it to police.

The USB on behalf of Victorian Police in pursuit of the implication of guilt parties, Tim

Stringer and Mark Moreland. Through myself Bradley was implicated as assisting in the

murder of Gordon Hamm, I provided statement to this effect. Bradley reacted with an

attempted serious assault in 2014 - an attempt to my life with a knife. Bradley also

attempted to stabbed the big boy earlier this day to which SAPOL showed No concern for

the big boys welfare. The big boy stopped Bradley from trying to stab myself. Luke - the Big

Boy saying to me he couldn’t let them hurt me. Luke was being forced by Graham to debit

collect for David Bradley. Luke revealing this to me which I shared with David Kyriacou at the

time he stole a car key from my hand bag. Later also telling Detective Sporter whom by his

own admission to myself and Officer Darren (Darryl Wright) recorded our conversations.

Bradley has not yet to this date been charged formally for this attempt on my life nor for his

attempt to stab Luke. He had only faced consequences regarding this incident as domestic

violence inappropriately.

Between or about February 2014 until approximately December 2014, subsequent to my

involvement in the Gordon Hamm investigation, persons tried to drug myself. I almost

needed medical assistance. I was involved with assisting homicide detective Aaron Roche at

the time, and had quietly been offered witness protection by him. As my cousin is in the

police force I believed he would be aware of my assistance with Aaron Roche. StarForce

SA, Sean Hobbs.

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