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Update - UGLY HEROS Autobiography 

Updated: Mar 28

Thank you ALL for your support and Amazing patience with pre purchasing. Here you can read more behind this Proofing - the Guilty Slaven Writer’s Proof for print manuscript.

The UGLY HEROS Autoiography was submitted end of 2019 as report in Labor’s efforts to call a well overdue Royal Commission for our Community and the State under a current Liberal state leadership. The Guilty Slaven Writers Proof Manuscript is currently regularly updated and remains available for you to DOWNLOAD FREE (code: GUILTYSLAVEN) until the Print version hits Australia's Leading Bookstores. UGLY HEROS - The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement, Gripping Accounts of a Regional Underworld. Life in the Shadows of the Elite STARForce team of the South Australia.

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First edition: XXXX 2023



A Better World. To Justice for All. Truth Matters.


To those unnamed, unknown, and unacknowledged – you have truly done the most.

I am, The Price of Unlawful Enforcement.


Fear Is the Root of All Weakness®️


Gripping Accounts of a Regional Underworld. Life in the Shadows of the Elite STARForce team of South Australia Police. Autobiography of Princess Marcia - Human Rights Activist, AUSTRALIA.



‘The Price of Unlawful Enforcement’

"Justice delayed is justice denied" - William E. Gladstone. The quote a legal maxim. It means that if legal redress or equitable relief to an injured party is available, but is not forthcoming in a timely fashion, it is effectively the same as having no remedy at all.

NOTE: There are NO secrets in this book, just facts everyone knows, and nobody states So Boldly.

"A weak disposition in a strong position perceived as an advantage by the enemy is actually a loss (disadvantage)." – Marcia Anita Hobbs


A polygraph test - The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) uses them upon application for employment and I have called for the test to be used regarding the Police VS Kurt Slaven statement for a decade now. SAPOL refuse resolution in any form, especially a lie detector test that I would pass as honest and their paedophile would fail proving his guilt.  

It starts at Margaret Street in Mount Gambier, South Australia - after the SAPOL officer, a Mount Gambier district Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB) detective investigating the theft of my structurally written off VH Holden Commodore, sexually assaulted myself at a pine’s location in approximately March of 2001. It ends exposing decades of police and governance corruption defined by a cover up of sex industry engagement including the use of children as sex workers by police forces of Australia, the public disclosure of an elusive looming spread of STD’s, vile criminal negligence by police and government, and even a Freemason agenda to Gaslight the world and rewrite history like Nazis at times. All this criminal corruption to cover up sexual criminality amongst the elites of society.

A book full of so Much fact the government and police heavily disrupted my manuscripts and tried to stop its print. This book was revised countless times ensuring accuracy, truth, and relevant details for just resolution. Exposing the Elite STARForce team of the South Australian Police Force as an organised crime gang engaging in crimes as severe as crimes against humanity. Australian Federal Police in 2023 proved irrefutably to have engaged in actions of assisted suicide - trying to push persons, including myself over years (decades) to try and seek the refuge of suicide. Illegal activity comprising of offences listed under the Torture Act targeting whistleblowers, return service personnel, prostitutes, etc.

‘You lose your Integrity when you are worse than the people you are chasing.’ - stated an Australian Human resource interviewed for Australian ABC 4 Corners aired via free to view TV 2023.  Turning a Police Force into Criminals was as simple as implicating legislation violating human rights and constitutional rights. The association laws of South Australia turning our Governance into Chaos and allowing paedophilia to thrive across Australia as the laws expanded.

STARForce SAPOL should be charged with war crimes, by definition governance declares such activities under a "War on Drugs".

'The “war on drugs” has become a popular catchphrase that gained popularity in the United States. The “war on drugs” refers to the government-led effort to combat drug use and drug-related crime through various means such as increased law enforcement and tougher penalties with doubtful results.

(The focus on law enforcement and punishment has contributed to a number of negative outcomes including increased rates of drug-related deaths and persistent racial and economic disparities in drug-related outcomes.

Instead, it is necessary to implement alternative strategies such as harm reduction and a more compassionate and evidence-based approach.)' - O’Brien Criminal & Civil Solicitors, 2024; website 

Atrocities and offences committed against any civilian population, as part of a widespread attack, including: Murder, extermination, enslavement, deportation, mass systematic rape and sexual enslavement in a time of war and other inhumane acts.


The South Australia Police - commonly known as SAPOL, is the police force of the Australian state of South Australia. It is an agency of the Government of South Australia within the South Australian Department of Justice. ICAC SA - The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) is a South Australian integrity agency and is associated with the South Australian Office of Public Integrity. It was established by the Labor Government of South Australia in 2013 under the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption Act 2012.  The Australian Federal Police is the national and principal federal law enforcement agency of the Australian Government with the unique role of investigating crime and protecting the national security of the Commonwealth of Australia. 

Every police force in Australia rotten to the core, the price of unlawful enforcement was not only my life as I knew it but the National Security of Australia, the governance of our people, Integrity, International Intelligence and So Much more.

Criminal Negligence rife in government. This book outlines SAPOL criminal negligence recklessly endangering my life as well as other examples of severe negligence in governance.

The chain of causation; is the events that makeup causes and effects. The chain of causation is the links that bind cause and effect together. An action causes an effect; the chain is the unbroken link between action and effect. Think of every negligence case as a chain.

Criminal Negligence: flouting accountability involves First and foremost the denial of fact...

(1) The first denial is the “denial of fact”. This is the person’s refusal to acknowledge that an inappropriate act even occurred. He or she is likely to say such things as “it never happened, you’re wrong, your allegation is not true.” So the first level of acceptance is for the person to acknowledge that the problem is a real one.

(2) The second denial is “denial of impact”. This is the attempt by the person you confront to minimize the importance of the event you are bringing to their attention. At this stage a person is likely to make statements such as “it’s no big deal”, “don’t be so sensitive”, “you’re making a mountain out of a molehill.” These are all examples of how a person may downplay the importance of the problem he or she caused. The second level of acceptance is for the person to admit that the problem or infraction not only exists but that it is serious.

(3) The third denial is “denial of accountability”. This is an attempt to avoid responsibility for a misdeed through some sort of explanation that the circumstance was somehow out of the person’s control. “I was stressed out”, “I had too much to drink”, “I was in a bad mood” are all examples of attempts to deny responsibility for the problem. Sometimes the person will even try to say you brought the damage on yourself, i.e. “You made me hit you”. The third level of acceptance is for the person to assume full responsibility for the inappropriate action.

(4) The last type of denial is what I call “denial of hope.” It takes the form of refusing to acknowledge the willingness to do the work to improve the situation. “That was in the past so there’s no point in bringing it up”, “that’s just the way I am”, “nobody’s perfect” are all examples of how a person can try to duck responsibility for making things better. The fourth level of acceptance is for the person to actively demonstrate remorse and a desire to heal through words and actions.

To summarize, denial of fact says that the offense in question never happened, denial of impact trivializes the consequences of the inappropriate behavior, denial of responsibility attempts to justify or excuse the behavior, and denial of hope shows that the person is unwilling to take active steps to make things better.

Put this all together and you are likely to hear some version of the following four denials from a person you confront: “It didn’t happen like that, it’s no big deal anyway, it wasn’t even my fault and besides there’s nothing that can be done about it.”

Extract by Bill Herring LCSW, CSAT

Article: Atlanta Help for Chronic Infidelity, Porn Struggles and Sex Addiction.

Psychological Studies.


Denial (aka Perjury) is what Australian Police Forces for years used to cover the most heinous of crimes. Obstructing justice – AUS Law; Section 319, provides a general offence of perverting the course of justice by doing any act or making any omission in order to pervert the course of justice. This is punishable by a maximum of fourteen years imprisonment.

The SAPOL police predatorial monster in 2001, Kurt Slaven (SAPOL, Australian Defence Force - Navy), assigned to investigate my white five speed manual VH Holden Commodore, spent clearly decades denying and hiding his crimes against young women in Mount Gambier.

The Commodore stolen after an accident near my Aquatics Teaching employment premises. A sixteen-year-old Aquatics Teacher, government employed with police clearance raped under duress by SAPOL Police Officer and Detective of Mount Gambier Police Station CIB (Crime Investigation Branch). The officer a predator that clearly had no Real intentions of investigating the theft case of my vehicle involved in an accident the day prior to the sex crime offence. My wrecked vehicle stolen overnight from my employments private car parking was the event which enabled Kurt Slaven (SAPOL, Australian Defence Force - Navy) to commit the sex crime. The theft of the vehicle linked to persons known to Kurt Slaven (SAPOL & Australian Defence Force - Navy), a gang of boys – the COA consisting of persons unknown to me in 2001 until 2009. Luke Hubert Scheidl (Born 1981 Mount Gambier District, Sth AUS), Chad Rick Modra (Born 1981), Carl Andrew Brodie (Born 08FEB1984), Sean Irvine (Born 18AUG1981), Ricky Noonan (Mount Gambier District, Sth AUS 2013) amongst names associated with these police assisted felons.

Authoring this Autobiography, it was evident that Kurt Slaven (SAPOL, Australian Defence Force - Navy) targeted myself to commit this offence. Kurt Slaven (SAPOL, Australian Defence Force - Navy) committing his hideous sexual crime and orchestrating a cover up within a venal police force leading to further sexual offending against myself for years. Corruption and deceit that span decades recklessly endangering my life.

SAPOL, a police force who used my persons as quote “rape bait” numerous times over years after Kurt Slaven's (SAPOL & Australian Defence Force - Navy) criminal offence. An irrefutable fact announced during a federally overseen homicide investigation by a police human resource. A seedy, procedure embedded, rape culture exposed. SAPOL, predominately STAR (Special Tactical and Response) Force further compromised my life for years with a police certification which was initiated for myself and cancelled for myself over a decade period.

Rape has been used as a weapon of war and oppression throughout history. It has been used to degrade women and their communities, for ethnic cleansing and genocide. Rape culture is pervasive. It’s embedded in the way we think, speak, and move in the world. While the contexts may differ, rape culture is always rooted in patriarchal beliefs, power, and control.

“Boys will be boys.”; “She was drunk.”; “Women say “no” when they mean “yes.”

Rape culture is the social environment that allows sexual violence to be normalized and justified, fuelled by the persistent gender inequalities and attitudes about gender and sexuality. Naming it is the first step to dismantling rape culture. Rape culture is held up by the absence or lack of enforcement of laws addressing violence against women and discriminatory laws on property ownership, marriage, divorce and child custody. To end rape culture, perpetrators must be held accountable. By prosecuting sexual violence cases, we recognize these acts as crimes and send a strong message of zero-tolerance.

Wherever you see pushback against legal consequences for perpetrators, fight for justice and accountability. One in three women worldwide experience abuse. Violence against women is shockingly common, and we may become witness to non-consensual or violent behaviour. Intervening as an active bystander signal to the perpetrator that their behaviour is unacceptable and may help someone stay safe.

First, assess the situation to determine what kind of help, if any, might be appropriate. You may be able to support the target of sexual harassment by asking how they are or if they would like help, or by documenting the incident, creating distractions to diffuse the situation, or making a short and clear statement directly to the perpetrator such as, “‘I’m uncomfortable with what you are doing.” - United Nations Women dot Organisation (org).'


When Kurt Slaven (SAPOL, Australian Defence Force - Navy) sexually assaulted myself under duress in 2001, I was Not yet seventeen years of age and Kurt Slaven (SAPOL, Australian Defence Force - Navy) knew this. Not only was it a record on my driver’s licence, a clear relevant detail regarding a traffic offence, but a more important detail is that Kurt Slaven (SAPOL, Australian Defence Force - Navy) asked myself my age on the phone prior to picking me up regarding discussion of my stolen vehicle. The crime an intentional offence against a minor (South Australian law), more broadly in a federal context it is an offence for a person in a supervisory role to have sexual interactions with a person under their special care who is aged sixteen or seventeen years (Australian government Australian Institute of family studies - This fact proven and irrefutable, yet SAPOL - nor the AFP charged Kurt Slaven (SAPOL, Australian Defence Force - Navy) for his sex offences over half a decade after the statement POLICE vs Kurt Slaven was finally taken by SAPOL.

Nearly a decade later, the FBI aware of this heinous crime linked to international organised crime also visited Australia yet failed to address the police covering up organised crime sex offending. This is when I lost respect for the FBI and their seemingly bullshit level of integrity – 2023. After years of Epstein investigations that seen little political repercussions in the United States, to me seeing the FBI here was helping elites continue to shun the laws more than anything else and this was disheartening. Australia’s law enforcement so venal, the FBI presence was only teaching the new generation of criminals the FBI’s tricks to infiltrate organised crime – the police of Australia the bases of organised crime at this time. Following in the CIA’s footsteps from the early 2000’s, where the Gypsy Jokers took hold of the Hells Angels Sth AUS with SAPOL. One of the briefly touched on relevant events linking USA and Australian law enforcement can be found in article regarding New Zealand Australian felon Benjamin William Ainsworth by Sydney Morning Herald published 19 years ago: ...'arrested at a Hollywood hostel on Friday by members of the Los Angeles Regional Fugitive Task Force, following an appeal for help from South Australian authorities.

He is accused of raping or attempting to rape three young women at knifepoint between July 2000 and October 2003 in Adelaide, according to US Marshals Service Chief Inspector John Clark, who heads the fugitive task force.'

SAPOL and US authorities’ co-operation goes back decades, as does the plot of Australian law enforcement, like USA law enforcement to infiltrate governance via investigative methods, mythos - organised crime. The competition between our countries has led to Australian authorities willingly and unwillingly committing perjury at the expense of central intelligence, strategic partnerships and national security. The free world relies on honesty between allies, as well as the ability to maintain privacy surrounding sovereignties.

I believed in the FBI after reading James Brien Comey Jr (Born 14DEC1960)’s book in 2019. By 2023, after half a decade of leadership by Donald John Trump (Born 14JUN1946) appointed Christopher Asher Wray (Born 17DEC1966), I could not say I felt the same. Not saying I think Christopher Asher Wray (Born 17DEC1966) is a bad man, from his appearances on television in court hearings 2023 he looks to be nervous which shows humanity and is mostly sincere with a genuine concern to be a good type of personality, yet he is without a doubt invested in protecting the FBI’s operations and interests in governing legislation (e.g. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) an Act of government whistle-blown to be applied at the expense not service of the tax-payer), which can be seen as a conflicting line of leadership. The FBI required to be unpolitical in its operations. No matter what way you look at the FBI, blaming the director’s or not, overall, it is evident there are flaws in the system, like the CIA. When the help sides with the hinderance – intentionally or unintentionally the game is somewhat lost to evil. You should never adopt the role of the devil as an investment to proclaim you are and angel. Kyle Seraphin (Born 1981); a former FBI whistleblower who details how the corrupt FBI is using illegal Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) searches to spy on unwitting Americans and describes the transition of FBI agents to intel analytics. From a real-life perspective, the overuse of analytics technology is exactly what has allowed organised crime and sex trafficking rackets to prosper. The use of invasive tools which are easily manipulated in real time, which evidently unfolds over time – sometimes the manipulations of analytic tools becoming evident years after the set ups creates avenues for criminals to prosper for decades. Interviewed on Redacted (USA podcast) Kyle Seraphin (Born 1981) details why so many former FBI agents are now coming forward to blow the whistle on this corruption and how the bureau uses dirty tactics to destroy these agent's lives.


The events described throughout this autobiography span over a decade to thirty-year period. Twenty years of the lesser-known side of my once very private life. Sexual crimes and innuendo aired out for all to read was the ONLY way I could gain resolution regarding the POLICE vs Kurt Slaven (SAPOL, Australian Defence Force - Navy) statement as well as end being used and abused by SAPOL and the Australian Police Force without boundaries. Public Disclosure. Justice for the voiceless gained by tearing my heart out, enduring an obscene cover up and sharing my story with the American FBI. The motto, “Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity,” succinctly describes the motivating force behind the men and women of the FBI.


The exact date of Kurt Slaven (SAPOL, Australian Defence Force - Navy) offence in a distorted cover up reflected in various organisation records and major life event accounts that cannot be changed by maladministration. The offence committed between the fifteenth of February 2001 and the twenty-fourth of April 2001. POLICE VS Kurt Slaven (SAPOL, Australian Defence Force - Navy) statement Original Report Number: 18/D48030; New System Report Number: SAP0010038174, initially reported in 2014 to the Police Ombudsman Sth AUS – unresolved by 2023 when this publication finalise for print.

The events surrounding this sexual crime are an attempted sexual assault by four boys around my age, cruelty to animals and stalking. There was also an attempt at sexual assault by a known in Mount Gambier District as a predator masseuse Donald A Nunn. I believe this offence was committed at the location of seven Renfrey Place, Mount Gambier – Tim Argent (Born 1983, Mount Gambier District, Sth AUS) picked me up from the east end of Mount Gambier, Sth AUS in the year 2001. Masseuse Donald A Nunn was the first and only masseuse I have attended. In 2001 he asked me to remove all my clothing and this is how he carried out his massage. During the massage he inappropriately massaged the top of my thigh very close to my private region at this point he asked me if I wanted to return for him to perform experimental massage in exchange for me cooking him an Indian dinner to which I declined and felt uncomfortable. The massage session ended shortly after this and Tim Argent (Born 1983, Mount Gambier District, Sth AUS), who dropped me off to the business, picked me up from the location. I told Tim Argent (Born 1983, Mount Gambier District, Sth AUS) immediately what occurred and never returned to this location. These events occurred around and following Kurt Slaven's (SAPOL & Australian Defence Force - Navy) sexual attack on myself, terrorising my life. My pets (two rabbits) were murdered in association to the crime to maintain Kurt Slaven’s (SAPOL & Australian Defence Force - Navy) threat to me to be silent I believe - a form of intimidation and associated with an ongoing chain of crimes. Only the person that killed my rabbits really knows the purpose of this vulgar crime of cruelty to animals. The vulgar attacks not ending with the death of my rabbits, the sexual assault attempt by boys in described property; a chain of other assaults, torts, and illegal acquisition all linked to SAPOL chronicled in this autobiography.

Quoting offender Kurt Slaven (SAPOL, Australian Defence Force - Navy) at the scene of the crime; a threat made after committing the sex offence on duty against myself - a minor, I was threatened “Don’t tell anyone” – Kurt Slaven (SAPOL, Australian Defence Force – Navy) talking about the rape.

The fact that after this vile crime and threat of silence, I was targeted by young, petty gang associates of Kurt Slaven (SAPOL, Australian Defence Force - Navy) almost immediately after he offended against myself, not long after my car was stolen gives the impression those boys were aware of myself as a person. Of course, they would have been if any of them were part of the theft of my car to which with the assistance of Kurt Slaven (SAPOL, Australian Defence Force – Navy) they had gotten away with.

Kurt Slaven (SAPOL & Australian Defence Force - Navy), a police officer who spent his career aligning himself with select criminals - bikers from the Gypsy Jokers, Comancheros/Bandidos, Triads and Hells Angels predominantly but not limited to. A police force trying to dominate the sex industry of South Australia and Australia allowing the rape of minors, solicitation of minors, sex trafficking and desperately hiding the most heinous and hideous crimes. In the years that followed Kurt Slaven (SAPOL & Australian Defence Force - Navy) sex crimes, SAPOL used myself as real life “rape bait” in a string of unconscious and conscious sex crimes directly associated with SAPOL. Malicious activity recorded in the chain of causation showing offenders and their links to the police force.

For me the attacks, both psychological and physical was Military warfare being imposed on a civilian - a little girl. For society it was an endless undermining of civil rule. Not to mention those ‘crimes against humanity’.

For the most part my life has been amazing, though my thirties have been completely washed over by a paedophilia cover up. Which is what this book details, so if you want to read the brighter sides of life, I suggest you refer to my other publications – the ‘ANYTHING BUT ORDINARY Judgement and Perception have NO Value here' Autobiographical series delves into the good stuff.

Focusing on the Ugly Heros side of life. I endured war style, Nazi type psychological attacks, endless gaslighting from police, freemasons, family members; even friends, boyfriends and randoms alike. From walks down the street to social media, the agenda was bitter and relentless. After years of support and praise. It was weird and made me lose respect for people as they lost their conviction. A bipolar social view of right and wrong. When dissecting my experience, I could only perceive that after years of Mount Gambier residents witnessing the no boundaries extent the government will go to cover up the Truth, that it was easier to find peace in ignorance than to continue to stand for what was right – the stakes too high and the rewards to turn a blind eye tempting I suppose. Finding ignorance more blissful than caring was a common community census on the taboo subject of sex crimes – dehumanisation a disgraceful standard of human interaction. A consistent ignorant and silent treatment psychological approach of shunning the truth was the norm by 2020 – two years after I began to author this book. Even the media pled ignorance and remained silent. Despite having much evidence of the venal state of police and government and The Story Behind the Brand BARBWIRE NOOSE (my Human Rights brand) published across the globe by 2023.

From a psychological perspective – the approach of government and SAPOL/STARForces in a character assassination to cover up crimes in government consisted of ambiguity based on falsified facts, psychological attacks, gaslighting, denial and feigned psychosis induced by psychological warfare activity perpetrated under police operations. Global studies showing government victims, whistleblowers, etc are often the target of claims of mental instability (discussed in further reading) and gaslighted.

"What form does power take in situations of retaliation against whistleblowers? In this article, we move away from dominant perspectives that see power as a resource. In place, we propose a theory of normative power and violence in whistleblower retaliation, drawing on an in-depth empirical study. This enables a deeper understanding of power as it circulates in complex processes of whistleblowing. We offer the following contributions. First, supported by empirical findings we propose a novel theoretical framing of whistleblower retaliation and the role of mental health, which draws upon poststructuralist psychoanalytic thinking. Specifically, we highlight how intra- and inter-psychic affective and ambivalent attachments to organizations influence the use of normative violence in cases of whistleblower retaliation. The second contribution is empirical and builds upon the existing literature on whistleblower retaliation by highlighting how organizations position whistleblower subjects as mentally unstable and unreliable individuals, to undermine their claims. We conclude by highlighting the implications of normative power for the outcomes of whistleblower struggles."

Kenny, K., Fotaki, M. & Scriver, S. J Bus Ethics (2018).

As summarised in this study of Mental health related to whistleblowing. Mental Health instability the token go-to accusation for claims against authorities and the stretch to which the Police were trying to grasp at regarding myself. Endless defamatory pursuits utterly beyond my realm of understanding. The defamation generated at this time severely damaging and had myself targeted by many opportunists as I call them, ‘so called’ friends or fence sitters. Persons who would do anything for a dodgy leg up in life, even committing sexual crimes of all things, for petty benefits. Despicable behaviour by Anyone.

When the police force failed to convince enough of the population of my mental instability by 2023. After spending a decade on their cover up, the next approach reflected the tired attitude I experienced in my hometown at the height of the police force cover up announced as successful by a women’s safety employee Stephanie Baker in 2020. A letter from Steph as she calls herself follows this paragraph showing the careless and callous nature of this woman and these circumstances. The engagement of silent treatment and ignorance, the tools of oppression. My family infamously trying the silent approach for years – which as you can see was very unsuccessful as an oppression tactic. I have had a much more successful, productive life not living in the shadows of their lies, denial, greed and ignorance. Ignorance aka the silent treatment; strikingly similar to gaslighting, as both flourish in power and control. In fact, some therapists call the silent treatment a form of gaslighting, used to cause personal uncertainty, and a sense of doubt when considering goals, self-views, and worldviews. I was certainly putting my views and truth to the world confidently and I have no doubt this is what police ignorance was supposed to achieve in the latter years of public disclosure in a cover up. All Failed miserably. The determination I seen to ignore the truth only inspired me to make the truth too big to ignore.

Hi Marcia,

Following on from our contact last week, please find a letter in relation to the Women’s Safety Program. As we talked about, because Mr. David Bradley is no longer required to do the Domestic Violence and Abuse Prevention Program, our program is not able to provide you with ongoing support. However, if you wanted me to call one further time to discuss your safety plan then please let me know when would be a good time for this and I can give you a call. With this, just keep in mind that I work part time (see signature below for my availability).

Best Wishes,


Stephanie Baker

Women’s Safety Contact Officer

During COVID-19 contact via email or WSSSA Switchboard only:  08 8152 9200

Please note that I work part time (Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and alternate Mondays)

NOTE: I did not at any time reach out to this service or this pathetic excuse for a human being, this service contacted me to clearly add further negativity to a life-threatening situation in hopes to assist the police forces (namely VICPOL and SAPOL) to push me to the refuge of suicide in a cover up. Furthermore, I had not seen this domestic violence offender who attempted to take my life with a knife in 2014 for years, this fact proves this lady tried to unnecessarily escalate trauma at this time and certainly should not be working in a ‘women’s safety’ position.


I have endured and survived some of the most extreme forms of private and public sector gaslighting on record. Furthermore, some of the technology and tactics I have witnessed are of the most extreme gaslighting and psychological warfare the mind can endure. There were relentless and endless home invasions, starting with my two rabbits being murdered in the first rental property I resided in 2001, the gaslighting events occurring not long after Kurt Slaven's (SAPOL & Australian Defence Force - Navy) sexual offence. The death of my pets following a failed sexual assault attempt by four boys, an attack on my persons associated with sex offender Kurt Slaven (SAPOL & Australian Defence Force - Navy). Boys Not known to myself in 2001 yet known to SAPOL; the Mount Gambier CIB. Known to SAPOL sex offender Kurt Slaven and said to be responsible for the theft of my VH Holden Commodore which led to Kurt Slaven (SAPOL & Australian Defence Force - Navy) predatorial sex offence against me - a minor. I have no doubt writing this Autobiography with many facts unveiled and irrefutable that SAPOL’s cover up of the vehicle theft offenders was directly correlated with the attempted sexual assault and many sexual assaults following Kurt Slaven (SAPOL & Australian Defence Force - Navy) predatorial attack - the start of the chain of causation. The boys said to be part of a youth gang called COA (COA = Constantly on Attack) associated with the Gypsy Jokers, a Nazi aligned biker gang as well as American biker gang the Bandidos and Australian biker club the Comancheros. The COA youth gang was created by SAPOL officers recruiting seedy and criminal family members as human resources - informants. An expanding informant gang of relatives and friends directly linked to the police force associating and recruiting young impressionable boys at this time in Mount Gambier spanning to Adelaide - the Capital City of South Australia. The COA was predominantly recruiting low sociodemographic students predominantly from Grant High School and desperate to fit in Mount Gambier High School students as well as other schools in the regional area of South Australia at this time. This group of boys latching onto likeminded impressionable young persons. Twenty years after this human resource sex offender gang, the COA, was developed these boys had spread across the Nation and throughout, most of them drug addict, sex industry pimp wannabes recruited as human resources, spreading STD’s (knowingly without disclosure to partners), aligning with the various gangs in Australia. This is how the bikers in Australia gained further power and control within Australia using their known avenues of extortion of venal married men, police, and politicians - anyone who wanted to hide crimes or infidelity. The definition of a biker in Australia was basically a human resource willing to rape sex industry workers who spoke out against police and alike. After decades of signing sex offender felons and related heavy drug users as informants and human resources, police co-operation with their criminal counterparts was not winning the war on drugs yet was winning the bikers plight for power against law enforcement. The venal police force so far gone it entered the era of National Integrity back boneless against organised crime aligned sexual offences.

Australian politicians and the broadly compromised police force were so heavily involved and out of control when organised crime began to collude against the association laws in 2012. By 2023, illegal operations and activities exposed in the media on television shows like ABC 4corners and in television series narratives like Underbelly in Australia provided evidence of claims I had publicly disclosed against the police force for five years in writing. It is irrefutable that the worst move the police and governance made was to implement strategic narcissism legislation - the association laws. Laws which in 2012 led to bikers across Australia meeting in Australia’s tourist hub, Queensland (QLD). The brotherhoods binding together with one common goal suing government over this legislation, not fit for purpose and in violation of Constitutional rights and Human Rights (Universal Declaration charter). It only took a short four years after ‘the world’s toughest anti-bikie laws’ were introduced, before it was evident and furthermore time and time again proven that these breaches of Universal Human Rights, the Constitution and Privacy laws were unlawful when applied. The association Laws allowing Police Brutality and gang like violence, including sex crimes against minors; rape and murder driven activities, to escalate. Engaged and encouraged by the Australian Police Force and Tactical Teams from Top to Bottom, state and nationally. These unlawful attacks on persons and premises the sole reason behind the bikers in Australia aligning.

It was in May 2008 when the Labor Government of South Australia passed what Premier Mike Rann (Born 5JAN1953) proclaimed as 'the world's toughest anti-bikie laws' (Rann 2008), with the introduction of the Serious and Organised Crime (Control) Act 2008, which came into effect on 4th September 2008. Mike Rann (Born 5JAN1953) is a paedophile and also the Premier at the time of my first experience reporting against government sector negligence (years 2003 – 2007) – the story behind my Human Rights brand, Barbwire Noose®.

It was in 2008 also when my house was invaded by police and government by these laws. An innocent little girl sexually assaulted by a paedophile police officer as a minor in 2001, suddenly at twenty-four years of age becoming a targeted individual due to reporting against the Mike Rann (Born 5JAN1953) government. Two paedophiles working together targeting my persons is not a coincidence. A whistle blower seen as a threat to the South Australian Labor government regarding my knowledge of Disability sector criminal negligence and more broadly negligence regarding the Mount Gambier, Sth AUS community being one of the first people targeted by the unconstitutional association laws is also not a coincidence. These laws have always been corruptly used, they assume criminality without judicial proceedings and have been criminally implemented for political gain from the start.

Having my Privacy stripped from me in cover up upon cover up, my bedroom door filmed nearly every day I owned my house on Penola Road in Mount Gambier until 2016 at the least. These laws have been used unlawfully since implementation and for over fifteen years have proven to not only escalate the violence and crime as Arthur Veno predicted but compromise the Nations National Security.

Doctor Arthur Veno; expert Adjunct Professor of Criminology (Monash University). Professor Arthur Veno was born in the US and has lived in Australia since 1974. Quoting the criminology expert "It's a desperate mistake and one that makes the police seem as if they're doing something, but in every other country where it's been tried it has had no success."

Australia's Crimes Legislation Amendments (Serious and Organised Crime) Act 2010 were some of the worst breaches to Human Rights globally amongst developed society. Allowing for large scale corruption and global racketeering from our Country.

Premier Mike Rann (Born 5JAN1953) cited the following as highlights of the Act:

●                gang members who engage in acts of violence that threaten and intimidate the public will be guilty of serious offences and will find it harder to get bail;

●                police will be able to prohibit members of a bikie gang from attending a place, event or area where this would pose a serious threat to the public;

●                the old law of consorting will be replaced with a new law of criminal association that prohibits telephone calls as well as meetings in the flesh;

●                stalking a person with the intention of intimidating a victim, witness, court official, police officer or public servant will become a serious offence;

●                it will be easier for police to secure orders to dismantle fortifications protecting gang clubrooms; and

●                in addition, the legislation created new offences of violent disorder (maximum penalty of 2 years jail); riot (7 years, 10 years where aggravated); affray (3 years, 5 years where aggravated) and stalking of public officials by OMCG members (7 years; Rann 2008).

By 2023, Arthur Veno’s words were not only irrefutable, but they were also evident. Australian Police Forces seeking the assistance of the FBI since at least 2021 regarding biker activity. Funnily enough, very little changed over the years regarding sexual exploitation, especially in the district of Mount Gambier, Sth AUS harboring Australia’s ICE cooks and serious sex offenders. From 2021 – 2023 Australian newspapers endlessly reported on organised crime violence and its escalation, with much gangland war violence seen in the media including biker presidents murdered and wars between gangs escalating.

All of Australia’s organised crime policing units were compromised and not just from the top down but politically as well. Intelligence regarding organised crime was corrupt from the detective units involved in paedophilia right through to police commissioners, the police ministry and even the courts in Australia. Our twenty-eight VIP (very important persons!!??) paedophiles just the tip of the Iceberg of Australia’s continent of Epstein’s benefiting from their alliances with organised crime.


This Autobiography capturing my undoubtedly and undeniably abused side of life and how strategic narcissism only enables organised crime. The book proves irrefutably SAPOL (police forces NSWPOL VICPOL, NTPOL, AFP – not limited to) criminal negligence concerning the misuse and abuses of my persons. The venal state of Australian governance and policing exposed. A necessary public disclosure that shines a light on the integral necessity of Human Rights. I legally prove the detriment of cover ups (Perjury); results of floundering duty of care (negligence) in governance and show the association laws irrefutably are not fit for purpose, being used by police to cover up governance crimes applying the laws without legal address of breaches to Constitutional Rights (section 51(xxxi) acquisition of property on just terms, section 80 trial by jury, section 116 freedom of religion, section 117 state of residency) and Human Rights. Not fit for purpose legislation abused to obtain feigned plausible deniability and Constructive ambiguity. Constructive ambiguity is a term generally credited to Henry Kissinger, said to be the foremost exponent of the negotiating tactic it designates. It refers to the deliberate use of ambiguous language on a sensitive issue in order to advance some political purpose.

Simply put, the Association Laws of Australia are loosely framed legislation intentionally allowing tyranny. Legislated strategic narcissism, allowing constructive ambiguity and plausible deniability being utilized to cover up governance sex crimes (including crimes against disabled and minors). Deniability and ambiguity allowing for political advancement with the application of the unconstitutional laws.


Personally, the most honest accounts of Strategic narcissism use and abuse I have researched is put forward by Lt. General H.R. McMaster (Born 24JUL1962), former National Security Advisor during Donald John Trump’s (Born 14JUN1946) administration writing a bold assessment of the most critical foreign policy and national security challenges of our age. For more on this subject, I suggest googling his work, he’s a class act with an outstanding career and more importantly an invaluable scope of knowledge.


After witnessing strategic narcissism to no end, the act/practice of illegal government spy tactics, the use of spies to benefit governments (local and international) activity to discover the military and political secrets of other parties with opposing underlying governance agendas (e.g. Democratic/Autocratic/Republic/Commonwealth) I know too well strategic narcissism is of no long-term benefit to either party engaging the strategy. Institutional and systematic compromises playing out with both sides of government using the police force to spy on each other’s sexual misconduct for political gain. Tyranny occurs when legislation allows for these spy tactics – ‘privacy breaches’ to thrive in everyday society.

Political means relating to the way power is achieved and used in a country or society.

If a person or place (party) gains something such as an ability or quality, they gradually get more of it.

“Political gain has been allowed over time to become more important than making decisions in the public interest. That is in large part due to the growth of ministerial advisers,” Mr Redlich, a former head of the state’s Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission, told The Australian Financial Review.

Both governments could be said to be aligned with all gangs in Australia as the motorcycles clubs were against their own best interests cooperating with each other since 2012 with their plot against the association laws. Liberal more heavily aligned with the Gypsy Jokers via Antony “Tony” Pasin (Born 1OCT1977), the political party member for Barker (Mount Gambier and districts) Antony “Tony” Pasin (Born 1OCT1977) an old Mount Gambier lawyer with a cocaine/methamphetamine habit fed by the joker’s biker gang entered politics in 2013 and was re-elected in 2019 – at the height of my whistleblowing Labor criminal negligence. Criminal politicians, rorts and paedophilia corrupting politics across Australia. William Richard Shorten (Born 12MAY1967) leader of the opposition and leader of the Australian Labor Party from 2013 to 2019 called out in public parliament time aired on ABC TV regarding his affiliation with the Hells Angels.

True accounts of Australia's only two serving government's (Labor – red, and Liberal - blue) being heavily corrupted, with no real accountability in their out-of-control malfeasance, tyrannical/hyper legislation implementation, human rights violations, crimes including military crimes, and overall lack of integrity - which could be concluded as a form of espionage; a severe internal erosion of National Integrity compromising Australia’s National Security while public accountability is eluded.


Monsters don’t hide under your bed; they hide in law enforcement.

Make no mistake, these times reveal the percentage of sex offenders in society can be equally matched in percentage to those who serve in law/military forces.


The endless illegal cover ups, legally publicly disclosed in this book are an example of the venal depths of government. The censorship attempts and desperation of all involved to dilute the truth unveiled amongst the most corrupt climate of Australia’s Governance History, as the country headed into Nationally legislated Integrity.



"The Wrong Person in the Wrong Place = Regression. The Wrong Person in the Right Place = Frustration. The Right Person in the Wrong Place = Confusion. The Right Person in the Right Place = Progression. The Right People in the Right Places = Multiplication." ~ John C. Maxwell





An individual is not subject to any civil, criminal or

administrative liability for making a public interest

disclosure. It is an offence to take a reprisal, or to threaten

to take a reprisal, against a person because of a public

interest disclosure (including a proposed or a suspected

public interest disclosure). The Federal Court or Federal

Circuit Court may make orders for civil remedies

(including compensation, injunctions and reinstatement of

employment) if a reprisal is taken against a person because

of a public interest disclosure (including a proposed or a

suspected public interest disclosure).

It is an offence to disclose the identity of an individual

who makes a public interest disclosure.

Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013

No. 133, 2013

(Part 2; Subdivision A—Immunity from liability)















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