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Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Fresh and non-mainstream, addressing complex universal issues and relaying real life news.

Stoked to be part of the UNN field messengers network - putting together a report on the climate of Human Rights violations in Australia.

Interesting times - Interesting news on UNN.

United Network News (UNN)

The Official Home of United Network News and Kimberly Goguen.

Field messenger reports are bringing the people's news into the new era of broadcasting. In depth news reports hosted by Sunny.

It's so great to be part of such an Amazing network and team of official Field Messengers for United Network TV.

Check out my first submitted field report below!

Often when we think about Human Rights violations we think of 3rd world countries and war like conditions. Yet Human rights violations are prevalent in all countries across the global. Something together we can shine a light on and change.

Field messenger Marcia reporting for United Network News.

My birth country, Australia, is considered a lucky country. Ee do not fall within the demographic of 3rd world disadvantages and enjoy global trading opportunities which allows us to continue to prosper with global leaders. Yet, Australia has some of the most dehumanising Human rights violations in modern history. Violations comparative to times of war. A venal government and police force making history in libraries globally for its blatant dismissal of it's participation in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the peoples freedoms it upholds.

The current state of Human Rights in Australia is an obscure yet important matter having enacted a National Integrity Commision this month.

The irrefutable truth of the countries dire state of tyrannical legislation and dehumanising governance captured in

Autobiographies UGLY HEROS The Price of Unlawful Enforcement and The Story Behind the brand BARBWIRE NOOSE. Publications accessible globally, authored alongside widely known authors Pope Francis, Barack Obama, Adam Kay, Nobel Prize winners to name a few. The exposure of serious violations of Articles 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 ongoing giving light for Australia to pave the way for a National Integrity Commision. Human Rights violations by any government is a global concern. Human rights matter, public disclosure of Human Rights violations which undermine the standards we expect to live freely by in society and set as a standard for our governments to respect are imperative to uphold.

Thank you, Marcia for UNN.

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