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Trip to NYFW September 2022

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

After being selected by Flying Solo as 'One's To Watch' Designer, my 'One Love' brand, Barbwire Noose in 2021 and not making the runway. The disruptions and unfortunately detrimental events, including sexual assault and further attempts to make me homeless that prevented Barbwire Noose's participation. Attending NYFW2022 was a Must for me. Barbwire Noose, BN Couture, available via Flying Solo Store NYC briefly after NYFW 2021.

I set out to capitalise from the lost opportunity. Move past the malicious defamatory and criminal conduct engaged by a staggering level of petty, desperate, human rights disruptors in both the USA and Australia. A year of planning and preparation, I boarded the plane from Alice Springs NT to Sydney NSW before heading to New York USA via Honolulu, Hawaii USA on the 13th of August 2022.

Packed for at least one month of indulging New York USA, a whirlwind trip of exciting prospects, cultural indulgence and the event. SO excited to land in New York USA and meet formally friends I had made over the years!

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