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'TOP 10 INFLUENCERS to watch in 2024'

Updated: May 24

First off, I want to welcome you to the Fashion PR Firm and the Global Agency. You are joining 23.k members across 30 countries...

So Excited to team up with New York Fashion House, selected as 'TOP 10 INFLUENCERS to watch in 2024'.

Watch this Space!!

"A fashion designer passionate about human rights especially those of voiceless peers and the most vulnerable persons in our society. Poudly, Barbwire Noose has globally campaigned Human Rights, our fashion and been selected from Australia for NYFW2021.

BN Couture designs sold in NYC was an Epic moment as the brand strives forward!

Myself and my brand known as outspoken and unconventional, with a Do NOT Conform Human Rights Activism. Barbwire Noose® is about Empowerment of ‘A Better World’ – Fear Is the Root of All Weakness (slogan).

Everything we do is about A Better World. Making positive changes in fashion with Activism. Brand Barbwire Noose, to me, is more than clothes, wearing the label is a statement. It is me and everything I embody.

An empowering movement, built from a struggle for change against government authority in the disabilities sector and beyond. I am here to create positive change at a governance level. Empowering lessons of civil disobedience – ‘Do NOT Conform’ moments.

A broad range of skills and studies has brought me here! Applying knowledge from business, accounting, fashion studies - and more. A dedication to volunteering since a teenager - together we make 'A Better World'.


Tell us a little about yourself and how you found yourself having a desire for fashion and posting it online?

I literally entered the social media scene when I launched my fashion label Barbwire Noose - Fear Is the Root of All Weakness. I've always been seen as fashionable, so it just made sense to model my own style and brand.

Were you nervous to go into a market that is already so saturated with influencers, content creators, celebrities and bloggers? What made you do it anyway?

No, I don't spend much time thinking about other's goals. I wish everyone success and have always been complimented on my Fashion so I just posted it.

How would you describe your style and define it?

Bold, edgy, Rock Princess with a love for black (Goth feels) and unicorn vibes.

Where are you located? Would you say that the city you reside in plays a role in your style?

Adelaide, Sth AUS. The most liveable city in Australia! I do think that where you reside plays a role in your dress sense. Adelaide is cool - so you can dress to impress or look homeless. Both stand out and blend in. Anything goes in the city really.

How would you describe your social media presence? Is it 'in your face' - color coordinated? Posted at random?

In your face for sure. Random is my style. Black. I love blending Bright and Colors with black, neutrals, fun, hip, trendy, classic - no limits.

Tell us how you would describe your 'diary' of photos.

Bold, black, cool casual, professional when necessary. Out there. No limits style I think sums it up.

Do you have a vision when it comes to your looks or do you feel like you 'wing it'? What works for you? Do you plan your content or do you go day by day?

I plan and go day to day with content. No one wants to see business attire tripping up out hiking. Or dirty boots at a black tie ball. Wing it is stress less, that said the daily grind of style matters too.

What are some of your favorite staple pieces in your closet? Your must haves when creating a look?

Raw cut sleeve singles. You can layer them up in winter over a skivvy or chuck them on during a hot day and stay ‘Cool’.

What is it you try to accomplish on your social media? Is it for yourself? For your followers? For both, etc. What are you thinking about when posting?

Everything I do on social media is for my Human Rights brand Barbwire Noose. A brand for the people to empower everyone to be their best selves by being themselves.

Who are you influenced by?

Currently, I think Kesha is hot! Rita Ora is always A class looking. And J-Lo, always Iconic sexy.

If you could describe your style with a city, what city would you pick from?

New York - anything goes in that place.

If you could describe your style with a celebrity, what celebrity would you pick from?

Brittany Spears, a hot mess trainwreak of talent and feel good vibes.

Who was your biggest influence in fashion? A designer, a parent, a family member, a celebrity, a city, yourself? How do you get influenced today?

Me, I definitely like me - moody, mellow, out there, myself and a no boundaries style.

Who believes in you most? Who helps you bring your desires and your passions to life? Who shares the love for fashion with you?

My Mum and Dad, even though they are the worst at showing it. My dads Mum, Nanna is the most fashionable in the family - other than me.

Did you have anyone who didn't believe in your goals? How did you overcome this?

The government. No one cares about the government's opinion so I overcome this by ruthlessly flashing my middle finger at their deceit.

What would you like to see changed in the fashion industry over the next few years? Not influencer related - but the actual fashion world and industry.

Waste, the fashion industry definitely has to discourage waste.

Every Barbwire Noose item worn by me is gifted to opportunity stores or upcycled (if in good quality). A Discount to recycle old brand garments to encourage the public to engage consciously in sustainable fashion pathways is an initiative created by Barbwire Noose. It involves encouraging purchasers to ‘Get Involved’ with this action by rewarding purchasers for returning quality Barbwire Noose threads (clothing) back to the brand after wearing with a discount on their next Barbwire Noose purchase.

What is your favorite thing about the influencer industry?

A platform to express yourself and your voice.

What is your greatest desire? What would you like to accomplish in your lifetime professionally within the influencer industry?

Seeing Human Rights Matter and an end to dictatorship regimes.

What has been your great accomplishment to date?

Creating a Brand and fashion platform that stood up for Disabled persons Rights.

Have you ever gotten butterflies doing this job? A moment in time where you can remember that exact moment.... where time stood still because you were so happy doing what you love. Maybe a collaboration, an event invite, etc. Describe this - tell us about it!

Yes! The opportunity to be a ‘One's to Watch’ designer at NYFW2021 was definitely a butterflies moment.

Time stood still after releasing Autobiography ‘The Story Behind the Brand BARBWIRE NOOSE’ publication internationally as well as when I waited for my trademarks to register!

What has been your biggest joy being an influencer and what makes you want to continue?

Being a voice for the voiceless (and looking good doing it with Gorgeous Clothes!)

What has been your biggest hurdle being an influencer?

Jealousy, you'd think people would be happy for you - especially mates. But all I seen from alot of people was grabs at fifteen minutes of fame.

Will you do this the rest of your life or do you have a goal that is outside of content creation? What is your 'end game' within the influencer industry?

Yes! From fashion influencer to political influencer. Politics is the end game, but I'll do this with Great fashion sense.

Describe your perfect 'casual' outfit - PROTEST GRAFF Barbwire Noose denim, black socks or stockings and a Barbwire Noose signature print tee!

Describe your perfect 'sunday stroll in the country' outfit - Barbwire Noose polo top collection t-shirt, Dunlap shorts and Adidas trainers.

Describe your perfect 'city' outfit - High Heels, Layers in winter - a cute crop in Summer. Black slacks or a white tennis style skirt.

Now, describe your perfect outfit! How can we find you most of the time?

There is no permanent style here. I either look homeless or like a million bucks. Like a home body or a boss babe.

Favorite brand?

Barbwire Noose

Favorite Hairstyle - up or down? Natural or 'done'?

Down, parted to the side and scrunched. Full beach hair look.

Favorite Color?

Pink and Black.

Favorite Flower?

Daisy and Roses.

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