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To distort and discourse resolution SAPOL

Biography: UGLY HEROS - The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement

EXTRACT CONCLUSION - The Road To Resolution

'A disappointing revelation that the DPP was dependent on manipulating a new judge

unaware of the Institutional elements and Human Rights violations throughout this process

before acting on the POLICE vs Kurt Slaven statement as directed in September. Open to

allowing cases to be heard, I was rejoiced and disappointed by this. Justice coming from the

virtue of both sides being heard. Yet to me this false allegation, which in September had

mocked up records discussed and dismissed, was wasting court time. Mentioning the

corrupt evidence in court and I asked for the charge to be dismissed.

The false evidence provided for the falsified date made up to defend Kurt Slaven’s offending

in the POLICE vs Kurt Slaven case identifying numerous police officers that offered witness

to investigating my VH Commodore falsely. The car in the collision at 16 years of age that

lead to Kurt Slaven, mid 30’s years old detective, to target and rape myself. This doctored

document stating this car was registered to me in 2002 NOT 2001 - Completely Doctored.

Myself reporting 2001 in 2014 and Katie Dalton’s investigation creating the 2002 date in

2017. Numerous Police Officers, WILLING to lie in police records and submit this evidence

to court. Willing to lie Under Oath as I witness first hand of Lock and Hunter regarding the

false resist arrest charge of 2017. Evidently from the SAPOL prosecutions approach to this

day, December 2nd 2019, the police were hoping to push the false charge through in hopes

to Never discuss their mocked evidence. Mentioning their moves to charge Kurt Slaven were

dependent on what they thought was going to be a successful false conviction against myself. A plot to continue to claim I had a disregard for police, covering up that I was utilised

undercover, continuing further defamation. The fact that SAPOL and the DPP were choosing

to deal with numerous police officer rapists to come out of the Mount Gambier Police Station

and who resided within the Mount Gambier Community by targeting victims at this stage was

obscured. Having witnessed sincere disregard for this community by the Police Ministers

Office and ALL sectors of SAPOL by the end of 2019. A disgusting grab at shadows from

seedy old men and bitter police officer whom worked for the money now, as I had seen in

the disabilities government sector. The ability to dehumanize and disconnect from the job

unfathomable to me.

Dated 09/10/2002 - the date the false investigating officer was allocated on SAPOL’s false

document. The accident Actually in 2001 and leading to Kurt Slaven engaging in sex with

myself, a minor. To distort and discourse resolution SAPOL had listed a false Investigating

Officer ID: 16906 - this officer also listed as property recovery officer of the mocked property

listed as present at the time. The False Actioning officer ID: 22819, Responsible Officer:

01717, Investigation Diary Officers ID: 06938, 07032, 16906, 33323, 38443 and False

Investigation Diary Data Entry ID’s: 06938, 07032, 16906, 38443, 91181. This all evidence

the police had created, to protect a rapist whist targeting a little girl - a sexual crimes victim -

a police made victim. The efforts to silence myself, further disrupt my Right to resolution and

continue to commit sexual crimes as a police force undeniable at this stage. Irrefutable

evidence and mounting court records showed a dwindling democracy and justice system in

need of Accountability. A Royal Commission into SAPOL and Governing Political mistakes

within the Australian Police Force Generations Too Late.

‘Unlike most similar liberal democracies, Australia does not have a Bill of Rights. Instead,

protections for human rights may be found in the Constitution and in legislation passed by

the Commonwealth Parliament or State or Territory Parliaments.

There are five explicit individual rights in the Constitution. These are the right to vote

(Section 41), protection against acquisition of property on unjust terms (Section 51 (xxxi)),

the right to a trial by jury (Section 80), freedom of religion (Section 116) and prohibition of

discrimination on the basis of State of residency (Section 117).

The High Court has found that additional rights for individuals may be necessarily implied by

the language and structure of the Constitution. In 1992 the Court decided that Australia's

form of parliamentary democracy (dictated by the Constitution) necessarily requires a degree

of freedom for individuals to discuss and debate political issues.’ - Australian Human Rights

Commission website December 2019.'

Kurt Slaven was FINALLY Charged..

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