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The Truth of the Limestone Coast Leadership Program.

SAPOL's use of a government program and the REAL reasons behind myself withdrawing from the course. A course which was bound to only cause further trauma if resolution was not met before my participation.

Biography UGLY HEROS. 'For weeks I had been asked when Kurt Slaven will be formally charged. I am a prominent public figure and in the city of Mount Gambier having taught many children and interacting with many parents across the limestone coast region since I was 15 years of age for over 10 years. As well as having much moral influence throughout the community after assisting with the homicide. Mount Gambier delighting in the idea of a REAL police force. Not a team of illegal industry abetting rapist. Accepted into a Limestone Coast Leadership Opportunity in 2019. I was humbled, flattered and slightly suspicious of this opportunity coming before Kurt Slaven was charged. The package contained a STARForce related note pad it appeared, at the interview I sensed a lack of genuineness regarding my application. Questions regarding my biography revealing a hidden agenda in the room. I felt as if the leaders, proclaimed as last years course attendees, seemingly were mocking myself lightly as a victim of the police. Compassion that did not appear as Really genuine. Seeing through the statement regarding remembering my story. I correlated STARForce trying to hide misuse of my life with the frivolous disregard towards myself as a victim of Kurt Slaven. You could have almost cut the air when both women knew of my circumstances, yet felt that it was concluded. Kurt Slaven not formally charged at this time. I proceeded into the opportunity with scepticism. The introduction day revealing as I suspected, as well as a plot to sell Gas Oil drilling to the area. Even though Tony Pasin, well wordedly, promised of no further drilling in the area. I planned to put the Gas project last so that I would not be using my impeccable problem solving skills and influence to encourage a toxic agenda I was against into the community. Slightly yelled at, at the informal introduction, I quickly concluded this course was Heavily police influenced. At the least regarding myself. Studying my Masters Degree and having already obtained a leadership qualification I stepped back from the course. Understand it was going to be a waste of $7000.00 when scrutinized in Royal Commission into SAPOL and this clear agenda to continue to exploit my life.'

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