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The Invisible Man

If you haven't read my brands bombshell Barbwire Noose Autobiography, jump onto the national Australia library search 'Marcia Anita Hobbs' under books and give it a look!


"I have first hand seen invisible technology in use. A shorter man, with dark hair popping his face from underneath a very snug invisible cloaking. A photo of the sole of his exposed base of the shoe was captured by my mobile phone as I was clicking a series of pictures of documents on my couch in the living room. My living room in Mount Gambier. As I turned I nearly stepped on the man forcing him to run out of my path of movement. A nimble, quick moving man with a distinct durable sole print like an army boot type rubber".

EXTRACT from Autobiography The Story Behind the Brand BARBWIRE NOOSE

'The character assassination against my persons plus an undeniable ill intent for Barbwire Noose Clothing’s reputation was evident in most interactions I had during 2012 and irrefutable beyond this year (2012 – ongoing). The activity surrounding myself and my brand escalated in 2014 during the homicide investigation to the point where I was exposed to military technology – Navy utilised technology of the most controversial type. Invented during the Nazi war it is said that a Nazi Navy ship containing many questionable Nazis had this Invisible technology. History hey - as for me at this time, imagine being that important that some tripper invades your space trying to give you a heart attack. There’s a song fitting for this shit, it’s called Crazy Life by band (hed).PE. This invisible technology was being used around my persons in a manner as written about by Robert Guffey in Chameleo.

SAIC is a premier Fortune 500® technology integrator, self proclaiming they are driving the American nation’s digital transformation. Serving the Department of Defense organizations are responsible for ensuring the speed, efficiency and effectiveness of America's war-

fighters while also protecting them, and we are right there with them, supporting programs of critical importance. Our intelligence community customers are staying ahead of adversaries to mitigate ever more challenging national security threats with the aid of our AI, machine learning and data science support, as we deliver proactive and readily actionable insights. Civilian agencies, whether state or federal, have a longstanding history of tapping us for public-service solutions in IT, analytics, engineering and systems integration and delivery to improve and protect the lives of the nation's citizens. – Seems they forgot to mention the application of their technology, known, is also improving the governments abilities to harassing foreign countries and its fellow American in-subordinates and peers with its creepy invisible technology. Quoting an L.A Times article from 2004 by WILLIAM M. ARKIN:

‘The Pentagon recognizes this tricky balancing act. The latest program request for nonlethal weapons, obtained by The Times, speaks of a need to “exploit observed anxiety of adversaries when faced with advanced, unconventional weapons whose effects are more challenging” while at the same time “making disjunctive participants [in a crowd] more receptive to the message and will of [American] forces.” The next generation of weapons, the classified program document says, will combine “silent” and “invisible” engagement “to minimize the ‘CNN Effect’ ” and support U.S. psychological and foreign policy objectives.William M. Arkin journalism is A class.'

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