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 Human Rights Matter - Truth Matters. 

Marcia Anita Hobbs, UGLY HEROS
Author and Inspirational Speaking about courage against Establishment Bullying.
Australia's Most Infamous Whistleblower.
Do NOT Conform.


UGLY HEROS - The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement publication with Europe Books.

The Story Behind The Brand - BARBWIRE NOOSE downloadable via National Library of Australia.

ANYTHING BUT ORDINARY Judgement and perception have NO value here Autobiographical Series.

Currently Authoring


International Publication

Europe Books

Gripping Accounts of a Regional Underworld. Life in the Shadows of the Elite STARForce team of South Australia Police. Autobiography of Princess Marcia - Human Rights Activist, AUSTRALIA.

‘The Price of Unlawful Enforcement’
"Justice delayed is justice denied" - William E. Glad-stone. The quote a legal maxim. It means that if legal redress or equitable relief to an injured party is available, but is not forthcoming in a timely fashion, it is effectively the same as having no remedy at all.
NOTE: There are NO secrets in this book, just facts everyone knows, and nobody states So Boldly.

It starts at Margaret Street in Mount Gambier, South Australia - after the SAPOL officer, a Mount Gambier district Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB) detective investigating the theft of my structurally written off VH Holden Commodore, sexually assaulted myself at a pine’s location in approximately March of 2001. It ends exposing decades of police and governance corruption defined by a cover up of sex industry engagement including the use of children as sex workers by police forces of Australia, the public disclosure of an elusive looming spread of STD’s, vile criminal negligence by police and government; and even a Freemason agenda to Gaslight the world and rewrite history like Nazis at times. All this criminal corruption to cover up sexual criminality amongst the elites of society.
A book full of so Much fact the government tried to stop its print. 

"The Wrong Person in the Wrong Place = Regression. The Wrong Person in the Right Place = Frustration. The Right Person in the Wrong Place = Confusion. The Right Person in the Right Place = Progression. The Right People in the Right Places = Multiplication." ~ John C. Maxwell



Government is a system or group of people governing an organised community, and or a state.
Broader associative definitions state - government normally consists of legislature, executive, and judiciary. Government is a means by which organisational policies are enforced, as well as a mechanism for determining policy. Each government has a kind of constitution, a statement of its governing principles and philosophy. Typically the philosophy chosen is some balance between the principle of individual freedom and the idea of absolute state authority (tyranny).
Historical forms of government include monarchy, aristocracy, timocracy, oligarchy, democracy, theocracy and tyranny. The main aspect of any philosophy of government is how political power is obtained, with the two main forms being electoral contest and hereditary succession.


Barbwire Noose® began following my fight for better quality of life for Disabled clients in government care. Fear Is The Root Of All Weakness® - slogan, long holding place on a yellow curtain blind which was purchased in youth whilst still fresh out of home. At the time it was inspirational and relevant as the main reason for silence on this neglect was fear of harassment from almost the Entire department, staff through to Disability Minister. Soundgarden song ‘Pretty Noose’ inspires the Barbwire Noose name with the line from the song expressive of how I felt at the time - ‘And I Don’t Like What You Got Me Hanging From’.


When the most Honest thing you can ever say is the Oddest thing you will ever say... “I wouldn’t change a day or have it any other way.” – Marcia BNoose (Anita Hobbs).

The Anything but Ordinary Autobiographical Series is a collective of extracts from the Heart, Time and Mind.

This series of books and its autobiographical content I hope is a little light-hearted, like me – happy go lucky. And an above all honest account of my simple yet extraordinary life thus far. Though some chapters outline the serious impact whistleblowing has had on my life and survival, this ongoing series of books is more focused on the beauty and stupidity of life.

The content of these books randomly fills in some blanks about my life thus far.

A series of however many books in the series I would like, the books are full of life truths, candid life experiences and random facts.

NOTE: An individual is not subject to any civil, criminal, or administrative liability for making a public interest disclosure. It is an offence to take a reprisal, or to threaten to take a reprisal, against a person because of a public interest disclosure (including a proposed or a suspected public interest disclosure). The Federal Court or Federal Circuit Court may make orders for civil remedies (including compensation, injunctions, and reinstatement of employment) if a reprisal is taken against a person because of a public interest disclosure (including a proposed or a suspected public interest disclosure). It is an offence to disclose the identity of an individual who makes a public interest disclosure. Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013 No. 133, 2013 (Part 2; Subdivision A—Immunity from liability)


Founder/ Lead Design Barbwire Noose® Clothing (2005-ongoing), Legal Information Advocate, Freemason, Author, Advocate World Kindness Movement, International Pageant Queen, Former Australian Beauty Queen, Model/Actor, Volunteer, Government Employee, Aquatics Teacher and Passionate Human Rights Defender.
An Academic with a Diploma in Management, pending Master's in Business Administration and Legal Degree - Australia's Most Infamous Whistle-blower and Founder of Barbwire Noose, Australian Fashion Label, available Worldwide (except China due to the country floundering Trademark law).

Engaged in many Occupations: Modelling, Fashion Designer, Author Marcia BNoose, born as Marcia Anita Hobbs carries the Princess title from her India Heritage. An  Australia Citizen born on the significant day of Anzac Day 25th of April in the year that challenged social and political themes 1984. Marcia growing up to represent the significance of both her birth day and year. Princess Marcia, brought up in Regional South Australia is no ordinary Princess. Known as the ‘Rock Princess’ of the pageant world due to her love of Heavy Metal Music. Marcia competing in largely known pageant systems Earth, World and debuting with United Nations pageants. Princess Marcia was set to debut one of the largest Runway’s in the world 2021 - NYFW, New York Fashion Week (NYFW), as one of Flying Solo’s One’s to Watch! Flying Solo said by VOGUE to be disrupting the Fashion Industry launches the talented and unique Human Rights Activism of the brand Barbwire Noose.

Also a budding Actor, Author and Serial Volunteer the multi-talented Designer/Model broadly known in politics whistle-blowing is the Leader of political party the Australian Freedom Party.

Marcia's Human Rights Activism and Branding paving her way in life, the un-replicatable brand trademarked in Australia by Princess Marcia in 2005. The brand carries slogan, also trademarked, ‘Fear Is The Root Of Weakness’ with bold, casual, edgy, clean - unassigned designs for all ages, genders and class types. BN Couture was set to launch onto the NYFW Runway 2021 with threads tailored in India and Australia. Marcia’s Your Call Drama designs are uniquely designed and sketch/drafted by herself, detailing the construction of each BN Couture piece. Barbwire Noose from this point set to attend the NYFW runway 2022 & 2023 - attendance disrupted by a vile government cover up.

A self proclaimed diva, Princess Marcia is a Freemason who left her initiating lodge after whistle blowing the use of Freemasonry to disrupt and degrade persons in society. Marcia's was brought up by professional parents who Managed the Australian arm of Burger King Fast-food Family restaurants - Hungry Jacks, across the state of South Australia.

The Princess - India Monarchy - British Indian Royalty migration from India who moved to Australia settling in the 1950's, Marcia's Indian Ancestry hosting in Australia World Famous "Curry Queen" Restaurant in Adelaide, South Australia which for years catered for India's famous International Cricket team.

Marcia has held a National Police Clearance since 16 years of age and was accepted into Flinders University to study Justice and Society upon finishing year 12 in the year 2000. In 2021 Marcia was accepted to study her Juris Doctor (JD) and Masters in Law through the Flinders University, Adelaide, South Australia.

Marcia Modelling background includes Photographic and Promotional Modelling. Her volunteering involves advocating for numerous like-minded organisations Marcia is a Volunteer as much as possible. Many efforts put towards causes contributing to the objectives of the 'A Better World' initiative of Barbwire Noose.  Marcia personally designed  Brand Barbwire Noose logo and Trademarking it with Intellectual Property Australia in 2005. Marcia not only the Founder and the Lead Designer, she also holds copy-write to Signature Prints and is Signatory Designer for Empowerment Collection 'Signature Puss'. The unstoppable entrepreneur personally hand-crafting the BN Couture ACCESSORIZE collection - Pearls, Swarovski, Diamonds and more. 

A publicly active Human Rights activist her Political Aspirations began in 2005 after whistle blowing the Disability Sector of the Labor Government under accused to be pedophile Jay Weatherill allowed non cognitive, mute and severely disabled persons to be sexually assaulted and neglected to no end. Premier of Sth Australia Mike Rann accused of pedophilia with Former passed Premier of Sth Australia Don Dunstone who has an irrefutable pedophile offence history.  An Ugly History of sex offending within governance in South Australia which was a desperate and long term cover up Marcia exposed.

Marcia has a dynamic and dominate political presence. Marcia's hobbies are broad loving Music, Festivals, Singing, Dance, Literature, and Sports.

Marcia attended small Rural Schools in both Primary School and High School. 

Teaching Education Department for the Government from 16 years of age and Aquatics since 15 years of age as an accredited teacher under AUSTSWIM, Employed in the Government Disabilities Sector as a Disabled Care Officer, IDSC was the first government department organisation Marcia whistle-blew regarding criminal offending.

Marcia has featured in Television Commercials (TVC) with Agents in Australia, cast in the South Australian Government Tourism advertisement for her hometown Mount Gambier in 2019. Marcia has indulged the Extra's opportunities with SA Tourism, V8 Supercar and also Hungry Jacks as a child star.

Marcia debuted into pageantry was though a STARNOW application where she went on to Win the Ms Australasia United Nations Charity 2015 Title. Winning her second Charity Title in 2017, Ms Earth Charity Queen - Ms/Mrs Earth Australia Pageants, Representing Miss United Nations Australia 2017/2018 - An International Title with finals in Jamaica - USA Marcia debuted into pageantry as a 30 year old after Modelling her label Barbwire Noose for over a decade, the entry into pageantry highlighted Marcia's substantial societal contributions, unfortunately the industry was riddled with sex industry controversy and Marcia did not wish to continue competition. 

Authoring UGLY HEROS - The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement for resolution in a legal and Human Rights Battle.
Marcia has also worked in the field of Real Estate and Hospitality - Hungry Jack's where Marcia worked her way up to Gold Star quickly heading to follow the foot steps of her parents Management before her career change into a Government position in the Disabilities Sector.
Since 15 years of age Marcia has volunteered,at 18 years of age Marcia volunteered in the field of Aged Care. A distraction in healing from the trauma of serious sexual assault on her as a minor. Marcia took up the volunteering role after employment in the hospitality industry with her parents. lead to the estranged relationship she has with her family today. An expert in the field of special needs communication whilst an Aquatics Teacher and her aged care volunteering leading o the Government role working with cognitive and physical disabled persons - the role lead to Marcia's first whistle-blowing experience within government employment.

A Future in politics and a strong standing for Human Rights and a Bill of Rights for Australia, Marcia is a Charitable Public Figure promoting Human Rights, Environmental and Humanity concerns as well as her beloved label, literature, and A Better World.

Barbwire Noose Clothing with it's charitable arm 'A Better World' has a mission and vision that solely revolves around making ‘A Better World’. Strongly supporting organisations with the same objective. Barbwire Noose® and Marcia can be associated with organisations such as Animals Australia, Amnesty International, World Wildlife Fund Australia and police initiatives to name a few, Human Rights activism. Within the media Marcia can be found in newspaper articles, Magazines including Triple j Magazine and World Class Beauty Queens Magazine’s as well as numerous book publications. Marcia's Designs featuring on the Eco Fashion Week Australia 2017/2018 - sustainable designers showcasing National and International designer’s, the first Global Eco Fashion Event beginning in Canada, USA.
Under Marcia’s stewardship Barbwire Noose® was Incorporated in 2012. Barbwire Noose® establishing from investments Marcia made into the brand working as a Real Estate Sales Agent. Marcia forged forward with brand Barbwire Noose® involved in sponsorship's in extreme sports and Music Industries immediately launching the label from her dedication to its success. The brand aligned with Marcia’s personality and passion, Life-Music-Freedom©. The empowering slogan Fear Is The Root Of All Weakness® a piece of passionate literature artistically drawing on a yellow curtain blind in 2002. Barbwire Noose® promotes Charities and Australia's Metal Music with 'BRUTAL' features online, The brand initially backing a hometown, Mount Gambier local Metal band Neck Deep and Victorian band Dawn Heist with sponsorship's before incorporation. Dawn Heist touring overseas representing the Australian label. A niche market, most Metal bands do not see great success with broad exposure a factor in there success and a avenue Barbwire Noose facilitates.

Marcia's personal style takes form in many of the designs. The collection for Women called 'Signature Puss' an Empowerment Collection which Inspires girls to be fearless and promote Strength, Beauty and Wisdom within the wear.
Marcia's label and modelling prowess having featured on runways across Australia, Barbwire Noose® boasts appearances in small and large events such as Red Cross Fundraiser featuring Model Marcia in her 'French Affair' Couture designs as well as Perth Eco Fashion Week Australia, Melbourne and Adelaide extreme sports events, International Pageants and International Runways, Starting out in BMX Championship’s, Motorcycle Racing, Off-road Racing, Go-kart Racing and Finke Motorsport event, Barbwire Noose® was also the Official garment producer of the BMX South Australia/Victoria Country Championship 2011 and the Prestigious Ms/Mrs Earth Australia 2017. 
Marcia championed a stand for Victims and Human Rights regarding sexual assault, equality and dignity heavily during 2019 and 2021, with the True accounts of the neglect and sexual abuse that made the trademark shared in governing Disability Royal Commission 2020/2021. Ruthless and relentless whistle-blowing pursuits making this happen. Boldly and Bluntly calling out Human Rights breaches, never holding back to verbalising indecency, disrespect and floundered accountability. 

Other social and public movements Marcia and Brand Barbwire Noose® have been involved in includes signing to the World Kindness Movement. Challenging Freemasonry of Australia to a higher level than the successors before her and endless political grandstanding. Marcia continues to deliver passionate devotion to kindness and the fine line of not being weak in kindness. Volunteering spare time and Standing Against Bullying. Bullying - a key concern amongst youth today, By Stander Culture and Organised Crime. Inspiring and influence our youth towards ‘A Better World’ with sponsorship to the police StreetSmart Handbook, Neighborhood Watch Incentives, Raise Foundation and many more Youth orientated initiatives.

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