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10 days turning 40!

Updated: May 11

A milestone, making it to 40! I'm spending 10 days celebrating this achievement.

I spent 5 days turning 30 in 2014, beautiful apartment at Burleigh Heads QLD, after a night on the Gold Coast, off tap. 10 days spent seems fitting (looks like April's a full calendar month celebrating turning 50!). End of Trimester timing is perfect, like the Full moon!

After 4 months donating The Story Behind the Brand BARBWIRE NOOSE to regional libraries across nearly every state in Australia, I made it home to Sth AUS to celebrate my Birthday at the ANZAC Day AFL match at Adelaide Oval where my team Port Adelaide VS St Kilda. Counting down the days as I travelled Day 10 started at Aussie FMX Dubbo, followed by Day 9 at the Western Plains Taronga Zoo, NSW - I Love the Zoo. Cobar was a serious highlight. Enjoying the full moon from Silverton after visiting the Mad Max 2 Museum! Dawn service in Burra. Getting drunk as the local pub to bring in ANZAC day and the big 4-0. Heartland Rally kicked off on my final day of celebrations, was awesome to carch a glimps of some of the cool cars in the race. Topped off with the ultimate experience, Aussie Rules Football!! GO the Power!!


"I celebrated my fortieth birthday in the year 2024. Completing my first Trimester of my Fashion and Sustainability Diploma over the ten days I spent celebrating. I was gifted gold and a natural piece of blue copper in Cobar, NSW (AUS) as I travelled to Silverton, NSW (AUS) to check out the Mad Max Two Museum as Mad Max – Furiosa promoted its release in the next month, May. My trip back home (Adelaide/Mt Gambier Sth AUS) came after I reached Burliegh Heads, Gold Coast, AUS. The QLD Government violating Australians human right to free speech by blocking ‘The Story Behind the Brand BARBWIRE NOOSE’ from being accessible to QLD residents. It had been a fun, yet long few months delivering books across four states of Australia in my business car (Barbwire Noose) KIA Rio. Arriving at Silverton was a treat – after smashing out two essays of two-thousand words while at Cobar after visiting the Fort Bourke Gold Mine – I Love Gold. Six days into celebrating my milestone birthday I arrived in Silverton, NSW (AUS). I needed to be home to Sth AUS for the Anzac day round Port Adelaide Football Club VS St Kilda match on the twenty-sixth (one day after my Birthday). I had seen Aussie Icons and was really enjoying travelling home to celebrate, ten days dedicated to doing whatever I wanted on the way. The zoo a favourite thing of mine to visit, it was wonderful to pass through Dubbo, NSW and visit the animals at the Taronga Western Plains zoo. Catching by chance some motocross superstar's, the celebrations kicked off Extremely well. That said, there had to be a moment of gaslighting, ignorant, petty bullshit. Especially since I had just detailed out a heap of ambiguity from this autobiography. I knew SA Labor and a group of government dick lickers in the community were bound to try the old freemason psychological warfare. I was right, the old freemasons, petty bikers who knew paedophiles and did little to nothing about it, and the easy to influence bitterness of women raring it's UGLY head a few times. It was at Penrose Park Silverton, NSW (AUS) - a caravaning property with evident government funding located on crown land that took the douche cake. To no surprise, the property became unpleasant quiet quickly. When I say quite quickly, I mean as soon as I arrived at the property. Run by rude parks persons who upon my arrival preached ‘ho, ho, ho’ like the library of Quirindi, NSW. I passed through Quirindi NSW to return to Sth AUS, stopping to study at libraries as required. The ‘ho ho ho’ rhetoric a consistency through my travels across NSW, travelling during April, it wasn’t fucking Christmas and the malicious and intentional slander was no coincidence regarding police and government efforts to defame a whistleblower based on perjury. Perjury clearly being repeated within local communities by police and government officials causing me much emotional distress; psychological warfare is considered as torture - a war crime in Australia. Furthermore, legally defined: War crimes are breaches of the 1949 Geneva Conventions and of Protocol 1 (1977 amendment protocol) and serious violations of the laws and customs of war committed in an international or non-international armed conflict. Offences include murder, mutilation, cruel treatment and torture, attacks against civilian populations or non-combatants, sexual or gender-based violence, deliberate population displacement, hostage-taking, pillaging - Source: The circulation of perjury for political gains, targeting a whistleblower – irrefutable. The malicious and intentional warfare activities proven time and time again from 2014 – 2024. More so after the woman who manages Penrose Park Silverton (NSW, AUS) tried to suggest I was lying about just visiting the Mad Max Two Museum, Silverton NSW (AUS) that day. I was highly offended by her insinuation where I quote, she stated "Well you couldn't have just come from there" continuing to say he was shut today before realising she was wrong. I stood there silently; the overweight woman proud of her input to target a whistleblower of a sex crimes cover up including paedophilia. I walked off shaking my head to be stopped by a couple with NSW plates asking about a "snake in the bathroom" the women of the couple having just checked into the Park. The manager had explained to this woman that a toilet/shower room was out of order and a plumber would be there tomorrow – nothing was mentioned about a snake. A conversation about the bathroom which this woman had in my presence, my conversation with the property owner not in her company. Furthermore, this ill-willed woman insinuated that they were not booked into the park, when the manager was stipulating instructions aligned with a reservation. The vibe of this facility put me off the area and I would not recommend the overpriced stay for an unpowered site with amenities which are not freely accessible. The crown land designated as a 'campsite', myself following government campsites across NSW home to SA trying to isolate from the general public, should be marked as a caravan park. An evidence-based review regarding the funding this park was receiving such as the grants in association with Penrose Park Silverton (NSW, AUS) appeared public based, when this property is operating like a private sector recreation park (e.g. BIG4 Holiday Parks). It is likely to find these peoples suspicions about other people’s honesty arises from their own history of lies - perjury. There are a few things I hate more than a paedophile, a government funded one or one that helps cover up paedophilia in government." UGLY HEROS The Price of Unlawful Enforcement

Thank you SO Much Uncle Tye, Gold in Cobar was Wonderful! A mineral and gemstone collector, I am SO happy to add Cobar high-grade sulphide & ‘oxide’ (blue) copper mineral to my collection also. Port Adelaide won 82 vs 72. Happy Birthday to Me!!

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