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VICPOL - UGLY HEROS The Price of Unlawful Enforcement

"VICPOL irrefutably have aided and abetted SAPOL’s cover up of sex crimes as they have covered up their own. During the period of 2012 - 2024; Kenneth Douglas Lay, AO, APM (DOB17FEB1956) former Australian police officer and Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police from 2011 to 2015 who moved into a position of Lieutenant-Governor of Victoria from November 2017 to November 2021 after the criminal negligence commited under the AFP overseen homicide investigation of Gordon Tearonui Hamm. His successors Graham Leonard Ashton AM APM (DOB1962) Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police from 2015 to 2020 who also served in the Australian Federal Police for a long period of time, Simon James Overland APM (DOB19MAR1962) former Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police in Australia who previously worked with the Australian Federal Police and then with Victoria Police focusing on Melbourne's gangland wars. On 2 March 2009 named by the Premier, John Brumby, as Victoria Police Chief Commissioner. Simon James Overland APM (DOB19MAR1962) resignation from this position on 16 June 2011 came after intense public pressure from critics who questioned his performance. In July 2011, he was appointed the chair of the Board of Management of the Tasmania University Union and was responsible for overseeing the direction of the student union. Shane Andrew Patton APM who acted as chief of staff for Simon James Overland APM (DOB19MAR1962) whilst Simon James Overland APM (DOB19MAR1962) was Chief Commissioner to be than appointed the position of Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police in Australia in June 2020 also towing the line of life-threatening criminal negligence and sex industry related crimes cover up including crimes of paedophilia. Shane Andrew Patton the current serving VICPOL Chief Commissioner guilty of false incarceration torts, making a statement that the FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation would not hire me to the AFP and severe criminal negligence which nearly seen my life lost over his years in the VICPOL (pets of the Bandidos) top job. Furthermore VICPOL spent years engaging perjury to disrupt my life and application to the FBI to the point where I lost faith in police forces integrity globally. This vulgar display of power not only putting the justice system in disrepute and severely effecting the Nations National Security but also proved that Australia was willing to engage in criminal conduct and organised crime syndication at the expense of our relationships with foreign nations.

Facts surrounding the FOI released to me show Perjury and a gross exaggeration of the truth. At this stage I was not packed nor in a position where I would be long -term (four years) residing in the United States - my car was parked in Alice Springs Airport port, as if i intended to leave it there for four years. Furthermore, I was in possession of three thousand dollars, with approximately six-thousand dollars in banked finances which was clearly not an amount of money which substantiates a four year stay. Undoubtedly, I was of a refugee status at this time, which I also legally argue gave Border Force no grounds to engage in the torts of Australian law enforcement at this time.

The facts that Australia law enforcement, heavily involved in criminal conduct, engaged in torts with USA law enforcement shows the outstanding lack of respect, integrity and perjury that is evident between Australian and USA law enforcement bodies. The facts that VICPOL feared my input to the FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation so much shows that the FBI should be Very interested in myself joining their teams after my original application made from Australia in 2019. Paedophile associated crime evidently fearing my potential of presence in FBI and irrefutably engaged life threatening conduct to try and prevent this outcome. Personally by 2024 my trust in law enforcement was minimal, no matter whether police were local, interstate, federal or international. I believed if the FBI was scared of a honest little girl standing up against paedophilia joining their ranks that they were not the FBI I thought they were in 2019 after reading James Brien Comey Jr (DOB 14DEC1960) Autobiography. Happy to let law enforcement wallow in the shit they had created and peddled for half a decade as joint international counterparts.

Especially after witnessing organised crime activities surrounding the protection of paedophilia (including the cover ups of elite, law enforcement and government offenders), espionage engaged against Australian citizens by uncreditable persons and experiening the invasive and illegal presence of USA originating invisible technology present in my property of 69 Penola Road Mount Gambier Sth AUS in 2014. It was clear to me that no one could be trusted to stop peddling children through the sex industry, especially not the CIA. The movie the Sound of Freedom, rated M which released in 2023, a Thriller/Crime based on a dignified CIA actions against paedophilia the ONLY thing in 2024 that kept any Hope in me that not all law enforcement found there jobs to hard to solve problems they overlooked, encountered or were colleagues created. The movie, clearly a movie, is based on a true story surrounding a man named Tim Ballard, a former U.S. government agent who embarks on a mission to rescue children from sex traffickers in Colombia." UGLY HEROS The Price of Unlawful Enforcement

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