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The Fast

Short-term fasting can offer excellent health benefits. As research grows in this area of health, fasting is becoming more widely accepted as a legitimate means of managing weight and preventing disease.

Getting personal, I was brought up on mainly a Vegetarian diet. My Dad is a vego and the family adopted the white meat living habits for my entire upbringing. A family of 4, it was rarely that Mum broke out the Lamb Chops as a treat - never a steak at home.

As an adult, Chicken and Fish are still my favourite if I'm indulging meats. Eating somewhat like a vegan majority of week's after decades of eating disorders.

Most Sunday's, the day of rest (Christian Faith) I fast. 24 - 36 hours of liquid intake, mainly water permitting most beverages - electrolytes.

The health benefits of fasting are plentiful. Fasting, the willful refrainment from eating (sometimes drinking).

Our body is our souls temple for the time we exist as the human we are on this earth. Mastering our mind, loving our fellow man and woman, existing in peace and harmony on this earth are our core purpose of living.

Personally, I find the benefits of fasting detoxifying and enlightening. A soild vegan diet, I also find to provide a different vitality to the usual omnivore eats.

Its important to mention, with dietary considerations it's vital that undertaking any decisions regarding our health be well informed and that we all check up on our overall health with a General Practitioner - if and when required.

What we put into our bodies has Vast contributions to our health, consider yourself important enough to look at what you eat, when you eat and look after yourself.

Princess Marcia xo

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