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The Conclusion Chapter - UGLY HEROS

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

‘The Road To Resolution’

Note: This Chapter was manuscript written at the time of these Real events with Proofing in reflection of past tense. The experience was excruciating, the language and referencing is raw, with Graphic and Brutally honest detail.

So, Chapter 12 marks the end of this autobiography, Kurt Slaven conclusively Guilty in the remark made by my legal representation in 2018. The comment regarding Kurt Slaven not lying in court regarding his guilt in the POLICE vs Kurt Slaven statement, was knowledge he was guilty of the sex offence. Promise of a just outcome - obtain nearly 3 years after this Guilt was determined. An unbelievable and spectacularly disastrous period of further cover ups to unfold before justice was delivered. Chapter 13, another Ugly Hero, a somewhat unexpected Chapter over this conclusion - the unexpected predator ex-partner.......

....REAL TIME FACT: At approximately half past 1 pm on the 28th of January 2019, a male and female officer visited where I was residing after I left Damian. A property which was For-Sale and I had expressed it would make myself a great new premises.

This premises in sale was then promised by the owner to be sold and did sell to an associate of Graham Young. Luke Ryan, who I listened to bellow excessively for months “let me run the town” while trying to be a drug dealer for Graham Young and his associate friend Bob. Luke was a ‘so called’ friend who was tryong trying to join the ex-HA’s rape click. The police who attended, the male described as Darryl Peter Wright, making accusations of noise complaints apparently very positive to Luke Ryan with his body language. The male officer proceeded to state that the complaint was made about loud music at 9:30am - yet these officers were responding to the apparent complaint at 1:30pm, this was odd also. No music playing when the police arrived, no music playing at the time of the accusation!? The police this day Luke said showed they liked him. Odd commentary until Luke Ryan told myself he was a person who had warning of ‘Do Not Approach’ on his records against his conduct and an immediate warning within the police computer.


The sex offender Luke Ryan in the city of Mount Gambier wanted to be a pimp relocating to King Street, Melbourne Victoria due to this agenda. The police using deception to cover up Luke Ryan pimping for Darryl Peter Wright desire and numerous sexual and child abuse crimes. A perfect example of the severe implications on society from deceptive agendas surrounding persons involved in the sex industry. In 2020 numerous persons wanted me to know that the police have been trying to say Luke Ryan is not sane. Clearly to cover up the evident gang link between police and criminal activity after he was bellowing to, at the least, the CIB of Mount Gambier police station that he wants to "run the town." His history of falsely being checked into Glenside by SAPOL and the custody of the stepchild he abused returning to their mother's care was due to the stability that Luke Ryan and his family provided. Completely negating this disgusting defence after child abuse, drug and sex crimes reports. The Geelong police station seemingly support of a decision which was covering up child abuse, 2 accounts of sexual assault, threat to life and rape at the least regarding offending reported against Luke Ryan. Tim Young and his lies seemingly also in support of a campaign to protect. Luke Ryan who self-proclaimed his place as a pimp once he moved to Melbourne, the conversation speaking of King Street in Melbourne. The location a hub for Victoria's illegal sex industry. This questionable commentary, something Luke Ryan was also eager to express to the illegal audio police were pursuing in my presence.


There needs to be no tolerance conduct policy within policing - instant dismissals, not just to protect the public but to protect the police force also. Vendetta’s run by corrupt officers is Extremely costly for both the community in its development, the metal health cost associations - local and government, financial ramifications to budgets across the state, damages, neglect and criminal conduct clearly affecting lives and reputations across the sector.

Damian honestly disclosed to me that as the police get outed for their targeting misconduct and harassment. Usually a superior or team leader, they are transferred out. The police force protecting the members stationed and engaging in the directive targeting to preserve their job and the agenda. He told me unless I moved from Mount Gambier that the commissioner was going to keep transferring individuals down to harass and make false claims against myself hindering my life and development for reporting them. This had evidently been going on for years and I had A lot of evidence against the police force regarding criminal and corrupt conduct. As this autobiography outlines.

These goings on were SO wrong to be confirmed by police authority as cultural behaviour - accepted misconduct, this behaviour had to be stopped. Every day I woke up writing this autobiography hoping that we could end these practices and this negative grasp on society.


In real time writing and mapping out facts as I authored the irrefutable truth. The police force circulating many malicious accusations with no basis or facts the rumour of myself having had a relationship with married at the time Kurt Slaven was revolting. No one was swallowing the relationship lie in the small community unless they involved in the institutional targeting. I wondered if this was why married SAPOL officer Darryl Peter Wright was trying to ruin his marriage around myself, was perception part of his motivation also, not just that he had infidelity to hide. Hearing about this rumour in 2017 and this revolting malicious accusations with no basis or facts continuing through 2019 made myself constantly feel emotionally ill and very emotionally distressed. To make matters worse it was put upon myself to work out the timeline and correct the false statement and PIMS Report myself from 2017. Confirmation surrounding the sexual assault date being irrefutably to have occurred before my 17th birthday confirming I was 16 years of age at the time of the offence. Renting the Margaret Street property in the first half of 2001. Rental history confirmed that I was Only 16 years of age, a minor in South Australia, attacked by a mid-30’s detective. SAPOL found to have knowingly and willingly changed the date of the accident investigated by Kurt Slaven. The white VH Commodore re-entered deliberately false in the database in preparation to cover Kurt Slaven’s offending against myself as a minor. I knew at the time, writing the statement with Katie Dalton, and expressed that the offence I believed was against myself as a minor. The cover up showing SAPOL was and had intentionally gone to this extent in cover up to protect, as referenced - a pedophile. I knew the detective that picked me up was Kurt Slaven. An investigation clearly initiated with the intention to have sex with me at the least under duress. I was Confident he was my offender; I knew reporting to Katie Dalton Kurt Slaven was a pedophile. Recalling the minor details was devastating and being forced to remember for the investigation bringing back mixed emotions of hate and guilt. Especially since I was aware Kurt Slaven was an offender against others. I could NOT understand in 2019 why Kurt Slaven after much evidence and guilt confessions was still not behind bars. Until I was told my own Father was being used to provide malicious accusations with no basis or facts again to cover up his associations with crimes. My family by 2020 I did not trust and would not forgive for everything they did that seen myself tortured and suffer. I even regretted stand up for my Father's life in 2012 when he nearly died because of his dealings with bikers.


The endless cover ups are an example of the depths of truth yet to be unveiled in the most corrupt climate of Australia’s Governance History. I had No respect for the police force after they watched myself being raped for years with little to no action. Nor for the governance which lacked so much integrity it was eroding the Nations global standings - called out by the United Nations for numerous Human Rights failures, Australia's sovereignty during the early 2000’s being heavily sold to China - owning much of the continent's land and both governments inability to lead with judicial accountability.

Our Australian future losing to a two-party government parade - charade, I formalised my future in politics registering the Australian Freedom Party. Personally, I had joined as an Australian member of the British Freedom Party over these years of writing, originally wanting to move from Australia to the United Kingdom. An avid follower of the fearless Jayda Fransen, British Activist. I was personally determined to restore Integrity, Justice and Peace to the great Nation Australia, the newly formed Australian Freedom Party well received by the public who seemed ready for the winds of change. Freedom Parties having global standings my political bipartisanship evidently shone through at this moment. Whistleblowing for the people, dedicated to just justice and truth with my sights set on a Laws degree coupled with the business foundations of a Masters in Business Administration equip the party with a leadership which could be invested in. A leader the Australian people could foresee, academically and Human Rights orientated.

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