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The bribe taking theft that led to Severe Reckless Endangerment. (Report No: SAP1900290199)

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Charges dropped.

'R v Hobbs DCCRM-21-1493 – 8 March 2022.

We write in relation to your matter next listed in the Mount Gambier District Court on 8 March 2022 for arraignment.

We are writing to advise you that will discontinue the charges against you on the next occasion. You will not need to attend the Court hearing for this purpose.'

Vivienne and Todd Dunstone - The bribe taking theft that led to Reckless Endangerment and an elderly lady charged with a string of offences due to out of control malicious accusations with no basis or facts.

The 2 books documenting the conclusive and irrefutable Guilt of SAPOL officer/detective Kurt Slaven. With the 2 book publication including for readers the statement against Kurt Slaven written initially by Katie Dalton, (End Chapter 1 inclusion), clearly describing Kurt Slaven's offence. The removal of protection after short intercourse to which he buried and stated to myself not to tell anyone. Documents regarding the victims residence validating the reported date of 2001. The details of numerous neglectful investigations stemming from 2017 into Kurt Slaven's sex offences proving a plot to cover up the pedophile category crime committed in 2001. An irrefutable date change by the Integrity Commission of South Australia involving SAPOL members. Evidence falsified in contradict with the offence dates deliberately entered and changed within the SAPOL database after a system upgrade. An elaborate and life endangering expedition which seen a PIMS Report falsified with police officer David Kyriacou, also a Freemason plotting to protect the predator police officer Kurt Slaven. Irrefutable evidence of Institutional Harassment which stemmed into Parliament. Political members including the incompetency of parliament elected Prime Minister Scott Morrison failing to rectify a clerical date change by SAPOL. UGLY HEROS - The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement outlaying for readers a description of the inside of the Conroe residence where Kurt Slaven tried to reoffend. Kurt Slaven lying for years about knowing myself in statement to Police Commissioner sent SAPOL member Adam Brown. The dates did not correlate with the accident involving 2 car which lead to the thief and rape SO irrefutable passing through court under Judge Maria Panagiotidis.

Kurt Slaven needing to lie, change details and spend years harassing myself with endless malicious accusations with no basis or facts in an attempt to cover up his guilt with the help of numerous seedy SAPOL members and sex industry alliances including Freemasons whom regularly engaged with prostitutes and members of society with dirty secrets like STD's.

An autobiography calling out 20 years of significant police involvement in illegal industry and discussing my relevant facts surrounding a deep seeded lack of Integrity within the Australian Police Force, especially surrounding sex crimes.

RELEVANT FACT: Kurt Slaven had discussed sexual engagement with myself to other police officers since 2014 as well as had for years made malicious accusations with no basis or facts against Princess Marcia prior to the reporting him. Kurt Slaven found to have spoke of Marcia numerous times during years without EVER being address for his offending against the minor - Before or after having a statement POLICE VS Kurt Slaven written my SAPOL members. Irrefutable evidence of a crime and a cover up in 2018, SAPOL spent 2 years Recklessly Endangering Marcia's life before she had no choice but to seek refugee away from home - Mount Gambier resident Vivienne Dunstone involved in the most severe case of Reckless Endangerment and Theft after taking a bribe with her son Todd Dunstone engaged by the Australian Police Force. Reckless Endangerment by numerous state authorities and the Australian Police Force since 2014 - when Marcia initially reported numerous officers for corruption and malpractice and Kurt Slaven's offence, the Reckless Endangerment nearly seen Marcia's life lost numerous times over 6 years directly due to police and non creditable parties malicious accusations with no basis or facts. Kurt Slaven's discussions also proved that his statement, which had been submitted to court, was false by 2018. VICPOL determining that Kurt Slaven should have been charged in 2018, disclosed to Marcia by Damian Ferrari. The stolen vehicle, Marcia's life events and residential history proving beyond reasonable doubt Kurt Slaven's guilt. Kurt Slaven remaining uncharged for 2 years following Damian Ferrari claiming SAPOL was covering up the pedophile offence by blaming another SAPOL member SO screwed up. And impossible for ANY Victim to comprehend.

Scheduled for January 2021.


Interest in Human Rights Autobiography UGLY HEROS - The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement was endless with the Autobiography set for print, Pre-Purchases of the initial 500 copy's initiated, sales were set to well exceed 500 copies. The book setting foundations and rederick towards another Underbelly Series - Underbelly , an Australian television true crime-drama series which first aired on the Nine Network on 13 February 2008.

This True Crime Autobiography boasting submission by the SA State Labor Government towards achievement of Royal Commission into SAPOL in 2019. Again, reproofed in detail during 2020 outlining the unconstitutional actions taken in South Australia under the controversial 'Serious and Organised Crime (Control) Act 2008'.

In May 2008, South Australia passed what Premier Mike Rann proclaimed as 'the world's toughest anti-bikie laws' (Rann 2008: np), with the introduction of the Serious and Organised Crime (Control) Act 2008, which came into effect on 4 September 2008. The Premier cited the following as highlights of the Act:

  1. gang members who engage in acts of violence that threaten and intimidate the public will be guilty of serious offences and will find it harder to get bail;

  2. police will be able to prohibit members of a bikie gang from attending a place, event or area where this would pose a serious threat to the public;

  3. the old law of consorting will be replaced with a new law of criminal association that prohibits telephone calls as well as meetings in the flesh;

  4. stalking a person with the intention of intimidating a victim, witness, court official, police officer or public servant will become a serious offence;

  5. it will be easier for police to secure orders to dismantle fortifications protecting gang clubrooms; and

  6. in addition, the legislation created new offences of violent disorder (maximum penalty of 2 years jail); riot (7 years, 10 years where aggravated); affray (3 years, 5 years where aggravated) and stalking of public officials by OMCG members (7 years; Rann 2008).

It should be noted that there are NO secrets in this book, just facts everyone knows and nobody states So boldly.

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