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The Big Issue Magazine

My Fiction Edition Entry 2021.

The Big Issue is a street newspaper founded by John Bird and Gordon Roddick in September 1991 and published in four continents. The Big Issue is one of the UK's leading social businesses and exists to offer homeless people, or individuals at risk of homelessness, the opportunity to earn a legitimate income, thereby helping them to reintegrate into mainstream society. It is the world's most widely circulated street newspaper.

The Sun and The Moon.

A love story but no ordinary love story. Like Penguins, there love was for life. A show case of affection that made Romeo and Juliet cry.

He was on the other side of the world fighting to get her. She was dying, a slow and agonising fight to stay alive just to see him again.

They met but one day in an accident, he had watched her for years from afar to scared to say hello. Like the Sun and The Moon dance in each other’s shadows. They too danced in the shadows of their lives. She was not always alone, socially exuberant yet anti-social and distance from the rest. Peers and family were not true friends. He was the same, working with many people yet No one was really his friend, not that he noticed. Their eyes met and, in that moment, exploded a fury, a glory, a connection to which only planets colliding could sever. The fabric of the earth’s atmosphere tore this day. Releasing an unstoppable energy, creating an irreparable unbalance that could only be rebalanced by love. Love the most powerful force on earth was in the wake of the Sun and The Moon, him and her.

After they met he moved back to the other side of the world. A tremendously empty human being in love, an ignition that seemed to be blasphemous. She was delicate and hated anyone who betrayed her trust, leaving was that hate. Yet as she had with him, he had with her ignited something that only the universe could create. A magic intangible moment binding them in time forever.

As the story goes, the other side of the world was so far away. The dazzling sun as it dances at the bright and dimming moon to earth, always at a distance but forever shining in one’s wake. Would the loves ever meet again whispered the winds of the unknown. Maybe so, as they fought the unseen cloak of time. Absence makes the heart grow fonder they say, but for in these moments the girl was dying, not knowing if she would survive it was hard to fathom absence as fondness during this time. Absence was just absence. A maze of days which bled emptiness and created an ignorant strength of needing no one.

On the seventh day, of the seventh month, of the seventh year she grew cold. She was no longer dying, but he was not there. Their love still shone like the forever burning sun. Yet, suffering a death like Romeo and Juliet. A tragedy so numbing, the streets of Las Vegas shuddered the silence of the longing to no end. It was love, in its finest catastrophe. A fact in fiction as no one would see, the man on the other side of the world and his girlfriend wounded, was recovered yet still dying inside.

On the eighth day of the week, the one that did not exist, Hope. Hope was found. It was as if the continents shifted and countries merged. He was there, she reached out her hand. He touched it. Their fingers clasped and worlds collided. A paradox of bleak moments. They kissed, not an ordinary kiss but an extraordinary merger of limbs which resulted in a long lip locked moment that the trees gazed upon in ore. Peace at last, the yearning had passed, the solitude was broken, the world had spun but a full rotation around the Sun. The Moon had seen it’s fullness and renewed as these lovers met again. A moment proving, we should all dare to dream and care beyond all comprehension for each other. Because in the end, in a world so cold nothing matters more than love.

Author: Marcia BNoose (Hobbs) 3 May 2021

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