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Tamara Date Farm

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

This Australian history lesson less light and more lengthy than those it’s just followed.

I visited Australia’s only Organic (at time uncertified) date farm during my Human Rights activism in the Northern Territory - Historical. The  Tamara Date Farm, you may have seen it featured on ABC TV, is an Oasis in the Desert. I actually never knew that a date was a product of a date tree. Believing it was something that derived from a plum tree. Discovering at thirty-nine years of age that the date tree is a palm looking plant and dates grow like large bunches of giant grapes on the plant. It was a unique experience to volunteer seeing harvesting and the farms operation and beauty in such a baron place, that is the middle of Australia, the desert of the Northern Territory. Channel ten’s Masterchef stars Poh Ling Yeow and Adam Liaw had just visited and filmed at the farm acquiring some dates, to cook a sticky date pudding staff stated, for SBS food channel telecast. ABC TV, visiting the date farm yearly, filmed during the start of June witnessing my volunteer work date sorting.

Such a beautiful backdrop, my first visit to the farm seen me sleeping in a tent under a clear night sky and an early morning meteor shower. As much as I wanted to see the meteorites shower, nights in the Northern Territory are freezing so the only time I was seen this early morning was on OnlyFans, inside the tent! The farm known amongst persons familiar with it to have its quirks and perks, I had a pleasant and unpleasant experience in the uncooperative cooperative environment. The place deemed unfit for WOOFS - Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms, is a grassroots organization that has been pairing volunteers with host farms since 1971. And rightly so, the accommodation,  food and human rights violations volunteers are subjected to are understated (not by me, I tell it brutally as it is).

To start with to volunteer I enjoying a cosy stay on the private property of the farm equip with power, water and a real roof so to speak. After being told I was staying in a tent and I complained so I was given a space which matched what I was promised. Lucky to be provided with a space with power and a heater as I was promised before attempting the voluntary role as the property I spent my time on was actually private property.  Not the date farm. The date farm staff lying to volunteers to get them out to the rural location they knew I required WiFi  and space to write. WiFi was not provided on the private property I stayed during my visit. The under equip volunteer quarters, which does not meet industry standards to provide accommodated volunteer roles Kim of the date farm said. Using excuse that they were still under construction, though it was obvious this was not the only lacking of standard present.  I appreciated Alan Thorp allowing me to stay on the powered and plumbed camp grounds – to start with. After I side stepped what I thought was a perfectly innocent invite to Finke, it seems Alan’s attitude took a turn. For me the experience was promised to be relaxing and productive.  This was the volunteer conditions I was guaranteed to be stuck sixty kilometres out of Alice Springs without my car to leave or taxi access to the property.

I was interviewing and writing about the farms humanitarian and my experiences in life for this book. Everyone was aware of this and very much encouraged my writing. I recognised that the farm was managed kind of oddly early. The activities of the farm almost seeing myself delete the paragraphs about them as the truth about this desert Oasis is Ugly and I wasn’t sure I wanted to tarnish this book talking about shit things but it is interesting so here goes. I completely lost interest quite quickly in the alcohol fuelled, drug use innuendo which led into egotistic points of view being shared with me, not facts. I like facts. These autobiographies are facts and I was surrounded by delusion. Accusations my brand Barbwire Noose displayed Nazi symbols, CPTSD triggers threw about the property that I was a informant, prostitute and making porn.  In 2011, at the BMX Victoria and South Australia Country Championship in front of my Mum such vulgar and malicious defamation was thrown about. The drugs  used on Tamara date farm weekly were hard, heavy and illicit. As conversation spiralled out of control so did the behaviour of the date farm staff. I was concerned for my welfare, especially as all members were making sexual advances. The farm a disgrace, running ten year old rhetoric, harassing women, fraternising with teens dealing them drugs as fifty year old men claiming to be guardian like figures. For me, the fucked up behaviour aimed at myself came as the Disability Royal Commission closed. As the window to maintain credibility for those disabled grew towards a possible tinting, the venal cooperative members reached for government grants as it was discussed.

To make it worse for me, the private property I was staying on was owned by a man said to be part of the seedy Freemason click of the Northern Territory and those close to him expressed he had been asking me on a date, not to watch the Finke event. I had been subtly propositioned to engage in casual sexual relations by numerous co-operative members which was unwelcome and I had made it very clear I was coming out of an engagement to Travis Paul Enmon of the United States.  After weeks of relentless efforts to sexually engage with me. Sexual harassment as I was a volunteer the stay became awkward. Politely rejecting advances, I found myself fighting an inner urge to tell one particular resident of the farm named Lorenzo (Enso) Mansori from Melbourne to “Fuck Off”. Enso previously charged with raping an intoxicated woman was not convicted of the charge even though its clear from his communication and having drank with the man that he committed the sex crime. After a month of volunteering my CPTSP had been triggered a dozen times at least. Invited to indulge in the freedom of the land and relax the stay was barely relaxing.  Myself that uncomfortable that I timed the walk from the private property I was staying on, to the farm gate entrance in-case I needed to called a taxi to pick me up and take me to my car, not that this was really an option as the taxi wasn’t keen to drive out to the date farm it seemed. Being located so remotely and feeling unsafe I had put Barbwire Noose online via it’s own Space X, Starlink satellite instead of being dependent on the fickleness of members running the Tamara Date Farm. I new little about co-operative operations, after this experience I learnt that a co-operative is like a year long street party - you hang with your neighbours, bitch to and about your neighbours, if the click doesn’t like new ideas, the tall guy living in number one or the woman across the road won’t fuck every single man on the street narcissism sets in and people end up disliking each other. To me it was just like living in the city, except if the neighbour suddenly decides they aren’t cooking the arranged dinner tonight your too far out of the way to drive five minutes to Hungry Jack’s (Burger King).

The farm ran on at least one regular, weekly trip to Alice Springs  to get supplies at the least and during harvest possibly twice a week to post dates box orders.

The Tamara date farm has relied on the generosity of volunteers to survive in its operations for years they told me. God knows why you would treat volunteers so poorly – women at the least. Best off sticking to milking friends and family if you ask me, beats getting sued – like I planned to do. The full-time working members desperate for cash they expressed during my stay. Desperation that I witnessed turn into harassment when Enso and his boss Denis (cooperative member) as Enso referred to him, took the path of planning to gain drug sales opportunities and protection from the police by embracing the affray of defamatory remarks that had caused damages and grievous bodily harm for years. These lost from reality people calling me crazy – like false statements written by SAPOL police to cover up paedophilia, the defamatory claims from members also stating that I had been a prostitute like both SAPOL and NTPOL police who were involved in ICE (methamphetamines) and the sex industry, on top of the Nazi accusations abut my more Freemason oriented than anything else brand.

This unique piece of Australia an historical fuck up but I am sure would be worth visiting after the sex offenders, drug abusers and potential violence against women offenders are removed from the farm. An experience with volunteer work that suits all ages and is not beyond your relms of opportunity.


I was whistleblowing police covering up governance sex crimes and criminal negligence, everyone at the farm knew this and initially supported it. The truth was not the most hated person in the room when I arrived. Yet it was when I left.

Bauxau (Bau) Stone, an frail, elderly South African man of many great achievements protesting on behalf of Australian Indigenous rights. I met Bau at the Alice Springs YHA, where he would stay taking a break from working the date farm. Bau introduced me to the Tamara date farm co-operative and suggested during the stress of whistleblowing that I should volunteer and indulge the beautiful desert Oasis. Which I did – though I can not say the stay relieved stress. Indulging the slower paced lifestyle and experiencing the characters and culture of the dusty outback was nice and a new experience. My time at Tamara date farm as discussed coming about before heading home to South Australia. Admittedly I was slightly reluctant to accept an invite to a location in the middle of nowhere, with minimal phone access and majority male residents. Accepting the invitation under reckless endangerment circumstances, unaware of the undermining agenda he and members of the farm had against non-cognitive persons and myself gaining justice against sex crimes. There was literally a group effort to take me down but the sex offender sanctuary and its Labor government cronies.

Bau had openly admitted he’d been hiding for eight odd years on the farm after returning from Africa. He claimed his family as strongly Labor and friends with Kim Beasley. My admiration for the man who advocated for the participation of a group of Indigenous people to dance in a major event in Adelaide held by the SA Government, Premier Don Dunstan quickly dissolved when it was evident his actions were politically motivated, not humanitarian. A performance by Indigenous persons which would never have occurred without Bau sustained persistence to see equality of rights to which is a great achievement. A determination driven from the fact he wanted to stick it up a Liberal Government minister as a Labor government devotee he expressed in conversation at the date farm clubhouse. Bau, aligned with a Labor government I was heavily whistleblowing 2023.

I interacted minimally with Bau once I arrived on the farm. Refusing to get in the ute with him to be dropped up the the farm accommodation numerous times when he offered feeling he was fishing for opportunity to be around me alone. Bau said to love women and alcohol, myself a sex crimes survivor, I was instantly uncomfortable with these facts getting to know the man who asked me to author about his life achievements. Realising quickly that something was not right about the entire situation. All self proclaimed, I found little articulated about Bau in the media, even though he claimed in protest to have been dragged by police out of South Australia. A softly spoken man who also loves music and good company. Bau made the best woodfire pizza’s on the farm. Unfortunately all I witnessed was a broken-hearted man who hated on his son and drowned himself with Alcohol. Alcohol which drove him to belligerently call me a Nazi, police informant and numerous other defamatory remarks.

After visiting the farm, it was obvious why Bau was hiding out there to me. Protected by vested interests and a detest for the Liberal government shared by the Labor government employed and aligned cooperative members. Disappointing to learn that a place and people that sell an image as humanitarians evidently too is a safe haven for bullies, sex offenders and Human Rights violations.

The good people of Tamara Date Farm are great, yet overruled and overpowered by hate, greed and dishonesty you're only as good as the company you keep.

Legal Information re: AFFRAY

Affray is a charge which attracts a maximum penalty of 1 year imprisonment, unless the person who is convicted is a member of a criminal organisation in which case the maximum penalty rises to 7 years imprisonment with a component of mandatory custody.

Affray is often a back-up, or alternative, charge to more serious offences.

A person commits the offence of affray if they use, or threaten to use, unlawful violence towards another and their conduct would cause a person of reasonable firmness present at the scene to fear for their personal safety.

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