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Shailesh with Princess Marcia

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Proud to announce I will be a regular speaker with Shailesh. Our first Topic - Empowering Self Love.

Our first discussion Shailesh with Princess Marcia Anita Hobbs speak on Empowering Self Love.

What's your New Year's Resolutions?

Self Love maybe? Decide that "You Are Enough, and Watch what Happens."

"Start 2021 with Self Love and make it your reality. Don’t think, Express from innermost and Action to your outermost best." - Our thoughts on Self Love, make it your New Year's resolution!

"Self Love is SO important. The foundation of self belief, self love has seen myself strong through the hardest of moment's and allowed me to stay true to me. That living of my truth and self belief allowed me to survive through the most unthinkable of circumstances. Through self love.."

You can view our discussion by clicking pictures above.

Wishing you a Happy and prosperous New Year! xo

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