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SBS TV Series 'True Colours'

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Extras role in SBS TV Series 'True Colours' 2022. Aired on Netflix 2023.

Copping It Black
Pictured: Detective (Main Role), yours truly extra with handbag. Final cut of series aired July 2022.

Episode 1, 3 & 4 - Filmed as 'Copping it Black' September 2021 True Colours is an Australian drama miniseries broadcast from 4 July 2022 on SBS TV and NITV. The four-part miniseries was created, written and directed by Erica Glynn and Steven McGregor, and stars Rarriwuy Hick as a detective in a remote community in the Northern Territory. On-demand on SBS after broadcast and Netflix.

A murder in central Australia takes Detective Toni Alma back to her hometown of Perdar Theendar. As the clues lead back to her own family, she must navigate two cultures and two laws to find justice. With both English and Arrernte dialogue, this is a murder mystery like no other, exploring culture, community, family and one woman's pursuit to find her place within it.

Supported by Screen Australia's Indigenous department, following detective Toni Alma, who is assigned to investigate a suspicious car accident in Perdar Theendar, the Indigenous community she left as a child and has had little to do with over the years.

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