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SAPOL Lies for officer and rapist Kurt Slaven Unravel.


'I sat awaiting trial in court. Another new police face for prosecution this day provided the name Andrew Cherry as the police officer that offended against me. Andrew Cherry was who SAPOL claimed on Thursday the 12th of September 2019 was my rapist - a blatant lie with this man currently uncharged to date as far as I was initially informed. The revelation confirming Damian Ferrari, my ex, was not lying. SAPOL were blaming another guy.

When the new prosecution spoke in court, she was SO sincere. Her concern for myself as a victim was evident. She revealed a charge had been laid Against Andrew Cherry - more information I wasn't provided. Yet this charge revolved around the facts given seemingly in just the first reported offending incident. The new prosecution stated the DPP had a strong case to charge Mr Cherry, yet this charge was in limbo. It was confirmed to me that the DDP were the driving force behind this witch hunt pursuit. The detective Grant Stevens manipulated to do his dirty work the only familiar face on the case this day.

I was provided with unexpected closure. Confirmation in hard evidence of the date discrepancy used to clear Slaven on this day. I was sure that Slaven was the offender.

I rejoiced in the news that the New Superintendent Phil Hoff was not dismissing my report and genuinely at this time believed the severity and Enormity of myself being a victim and victimised.

Reaching the anticipated release date for this biography with no resolution to my police reports since Mr Hamm was tragically taken and my life, after doing such good in assisting that case, surreal. September the 14th 2019 rolled over and with proof that resolution had been hindered by SAPOL it Really was bitter sweet. A significant date being my Mothers birthday, by this stage there was no relationship with my parents. Father’s Day passed, and this Birthday of Mum’s would pass with no communication also. Just a card in the post.

The delay predictable with such an elaborate cover up I admittedly did not think I was going to encounter an honest and concerned police officer in court. Going through the case the numerous mistakes and flaws with Katie Daltons investigation were evident.'

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