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A Festival in Lights

Parrtjima 2022 is a compelling sensory experience, immersing the audience in a connected kaleidoscope of art, story and light while evoking the senses of sight, sound, smell and touch.

It was a stunning display of light art with an amazing array of displays highlighting the beautiful Alice Springs Northern Territory country side.

À backdrop of the MacDonnell Ranges, at Desert Park, Larapinta.

Parrtjima is the only authentic Aboriginal light festival of its kind.

The Desert Park is gorgeous under Central Australia’s vast, star-filled skies. The path was illuminated through the surrounding natural bush by light shards and gobos - stencils that transform beams of light into projected images. With the audio soundscape awakening your sensors further to your desert surroundings. You could smell the Australian flora and fauna surrounded by the red dust in the night air. A magical experience and a MUST attend festival if your in Alice Springs, NT, Australia at this time of the year!   The Sky Country Installations displays of 2022: Kangaroo Grass Flight Water Tree Grounded Wild Wind Energy Night Sky Eagle’s Eye MacDonnell Ranges Light Show

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