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Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Anyone who knows me knows I've NEVER been a prostitute. The National Police Clearance since 16 years of age, numerous government positions and countless significant life events have this an irrefutable fact. Yet in 2022, after assisting police with some of the most knarley incidents in Mount Gambier districts and reporting some of the most vile and corrupt police in SAPOL and Victoria I was incarcerated illegal by VICPOL assisted by NSW Police and the AFP. Actions of malicious intent that police under AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw, SAPOL Commissioner Grant Stevens, VICPOL Commissioner Shane Patton and NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller were clearly approved of on some level if not entirely. A coordinated operation by police targeting myself, a whistleblower who had irrefutably proven police involvement with ICE dealing and paedophilia. I was detained for nearly a month in 2 countries as a 'protester' the judge acknowledged that should not have been incarcerated over text messages containing details of corruption stemming into the nature of sex offences by police, domestic violence and serious misconduct. The explicit details of this ordeal plus all material viewed and maliciously shared by police within the force and externally at

Australian. (Born in Australia, half Indian - both backgrounds predominantly British and a bit of German).

Showcasing a mix of Professional Shoots, BTS Modelling/Acting, Selfies and Topless media. A Fashion Designer, Author, Legal Info Advocate and most well-known for outspoken publications regarding Human Rights.

I write poetry. I am a busy woman.

Status: Single. (Heartbroken after broke off my engagement to a man I will love for life).


If I had to choose between the stars & the sky,

I would choose the sky and hold you forever.

Why OnlyFans when you're an aspiring lawyer and a political public figure?

If you were confronted with the circulation of revenge porn and creepy cop's checking out your clit... knowing your as perfect in life as a front page centrefold... you'd never be a prostitute but those badass bitches can still get into politics you'd jump on OnlyFans too ;)

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” ― Marilyn Monroe.

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