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NYC Midnight 100 word micro fiction

My Round 1 entry and some feedback from the 100-word Microfiction Challenge 2021.

GENRE: Comedy

ACTION: Turning Up The Volume

WORD: patch

Title: Like a pie in the face.

It was Sunday afternoon, I stumbled across this party where Everyone was dressed like a Dachshund. I couldn't help but gatecrash the joint. Sausages sprawling the tables. A Frankfurt field day, with the song "Who let the dogs out" playing.

Myself, turning up the volume just as the stereo bellowed "who, who, who, who, who."

At this moment I was no longer inconspicuous. A dude, name tag reading patch, tapped my shoulder. I froze, his high pitch voice asking "Dog, where's your costume?" I could no longer contain myself. Responding "The dog ate it" as I ran out in hysterics.

The Numbers: There are 6,932 writers participating in 110 groups with approximately 63 writers per group.

''Like a pie in the face'' by Marcia Hobbs - WHAT THE JUDGES LIKED ABOUT YOUR STORY - {1795} This is certainly an unexpected piece. I'm sure people have those kinds of parties, it's just something I really haven't spent a lot of time thinking about and it is definitely amusing to picture in my head!

I love the sausages being served in reference to the Dachshund being a wiener/sausage dog. The song choice is great and the conversation between the narrator and the high-pitched Patch is right on. {1935} The first line is great and definitely raises the reader's interest. The details achieve a cohesive whole with "Sausages sprawling the tables. A Frankfurt field day". {1943} I loved the concept of a party where everyone was dressed as a dog. This was bizarre, and very funny. The description of the party was vivid and amusing. I especially liked the moment when the protagonist was caught out by being asked about his costume. His answer that the dog ate it was hilarious! This was a fun story - it really made me smile.

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