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November 2023

Wrapping it ALL up in Australia ready to leave for New York on a Consulate Green Card, I am SO excited to be moving to the United States of America!!

Taking Barbwire Noose to the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) runway is a dream - plus the Amazing possibilities that come with being part of the Amazing USA!

Summed up November has been hectic! Can't say productively and overall busy isn't how I like it. This month of 2023 has seen me sprint through an Author on Tour of Regional Libraries across both regional South Australia and regional NSW - new to me really. The tour a part of the brands 'A Better World' initiative. Donating over $500.00 worth of books - new copies of the historical Autobiography The Story Behind the Brand BARBWIRE NOOSE, Travelling most of 2023 promoting my Iconic Australian Brand across this beautiful country. This trip has been the most relaxed and pleasurable of the years travels. Celebrating a significant milestone birthday with a fellow Royal Commission submissions maker who has seen the ugly side of governance cover ups.

In the final Trimester of studies which see me achieving a Diploma in Arts (Music Production) come the first week of December.

My vocals recorded for student producer Alexandra (Ali) Currey-Voumard remixing song Glory Box.

I'm excited to be producing the music for Barbwire Noose debut on the NYFW2024 runway!

Scooting across the country side of Australia, catching friends and preparing for a move to New York (as well as authoring - UGLY HEROS not far from the book shelves) has seen many a sleep deprived nights and days over November. All very much worth it.

Here's a few pictures that capture the month in celebration; both business achievements and private functions.

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