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Mocked Up Evidence


'SAPOL having evidence of the date discrepancy and not laying a new charge on Kurt

Slaven within the days following court September 2019 showed this was a cover up for

Slaven. The evidence mocked up by police for the accident in 2001 that lead to the rape

completely falsified and untrue. Not just a date discrepancy evident in these records. The

South Australian police having for many years seemingly tried to portray myself in a different

light. Not a prostitute seemly here - claims verbalised by officers during these 5 years, 2014 -

2019, yet the police had made up numerous items in this investigation which were distinctly


It was odd and suspicious because we found in early 2000's records, which were never

provided by myself, seemingly deliberate dialogue. There were numerous made up items,m totaling 4, apparently stolen goods listed. A spray can being the most outrageous of the

items reported stolen from the stolen vehicle.

Having written the car off the day prior to its theft, I had removed all items from the vehicle.

The police also made up the vehicle was immobile - unable to be moved and wedged on a

trolley barrier at spotlight car park. This is untrue. I drove the car from Spotlight the short

distance home to Margaret Street this day after walking on a clear day to the stolen vehicle. I

then walked on this day to work as a Aquatics Teacher at The Waterhole, where

communication was had with Slaven on the phone via prior to the offence.

This defamatory and false evidence was within what's called a PIMS PIR Data Conversion

Report. I was released 4 documents relating to SAPOL regarding my FOI 2001 - 2005

request on the 12th of September 2019. The first documents of this nature given to me since

my request in 2018, 21 months after my first FOI request to SAPOL. A breach of Federal

Law. This document is defamatory with false records of the incident to the point where the

police had embellished both the details of the stolen written of vehicle, it's condition and

items surrounding the incident. The motivation behind these falsified documents clearly

malicious and intentional.'

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