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Merry Christmas 2020!

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas!

A 2 BOOK PUBLICATION the title documenting The Road To Resolution in the POLICE VS Kurt Slaven statement with A Real-time Authored Conclusion. Autobiography UGLY HEROS - The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement. Published in 2020, 2 x US Trade size 152 x 228 mm, Gloss Cover - 350 gsm, Pages of Autobiography - Envirocare 80 gsm, Additional Documentation - Envirocare 80 gsm, Colour photos and additional information: Satin 113 gsm edition. HISTORICAL and Royal Commission into SAPOL making Biography UGLY HEROS - The price of Unlawful Enforcement. Gripping accounts of a Regional Underworld. Life in the Shadows of the Elite STARForce team of South Australia Police. Autobiography of Marcia Anita Hobbs, Human Rights Activist, AUSTRALIA. ‘Fear Is The Root Of All Weakness®️’

CONCLUSION EXTRACT 'The Road to Resolution'

"Quoting an article titled 'The age of righteous rage' printed in The Australian newspaper "Anger is a much maligned word, especially when it comes to women. Historically we were

not meant to question; to be explosive, loud, stroppy, furious. Yet many of us are. About so much. Anger is a force for change and when I see it in a female wronged or ignored or drowned out I have to say, it’s magnificent."


I related to every word of this statement.

My gaze deep, cold and lifeless as I struggled to feel human, emotionally numb and dead inside. Charges needed to be laid and the displacement and disruptions rectified as I feared

the worst would inevitable eventuate after such profound suffering.

2017 - I refused family Christmas with Unger and Hobbs/Harding.

Christmas Shoot for Barbwire Noose.

2018 - I refused family Christmas with Unger and Hobbs/Harding.

House sat while Anto surprised his wife for Christmas.

2019 - I refused family Christmas with Unger and Hobbs/Harding.

Last Christmas with Rossi my German Shepherd in Mount Gambier.

2020 - I refused family Christmas with Unger and Hobbs/Harding.

Staying in the Northern Territory with friend Heath.

Never seeing my family at Christmas or ever again was a decision that I was willing to make a permanent one.

On the 16th of December 2020 the actions of the Federal Police Force and government saw my Human Services account severely interfered with. The plot to keep me destitute irrefutable with my own family withholding $9700.00 owned in damages to my Mercedes

Benz. My brother hit the vehicle with a hammer and stepped on the car roof denting the vehicle to the point of structural write off and beyond cost effective repair. I had given my

family until the 11th of December 2020 to stop engaging in malicious accusations with no basis or facts, their absent response solidifying that they were not prepared to be wrong -

like the police and government unprepared to back up their malicious accusations with no basis or facts in court. I was unprepared to forgive them when the truth came out.

The actions and evidence surmountable and substantial by this date. Actions my family indulged in combination with the police force and government revealing a distinct agenda to use financial restriction to silence my voice and pervert the course of justice. Efforts to try and disrupt the print of this Autobiography which I had paid almost $10,000 in print costs by this stage irrefutable. Seeking refuge in an Apartment in the Northern Territory the rent was $600.00 per fortnight through First National Real Estate Frampton. I was paying my friend $300.00 per fortnight for rent and at least $100.00 extra each week for expenses and

purchasing my own food. Having briefly spoke to the real estate agent about visiting from South Australia and staying in the Apartments the residential details were forwarded to Human Services temporarily naming myself. The government for years had used

manipulation of my accounts to hold my progress in life back, always able to Aquatics Teach my income was always of an external nature. Low at times with the Income of Barbwire Noose®, Profit/Loss submitted to Human Service since undertaking the government New

Enterprise Initiative Scheme in 2009. My history with Human Service vast I had Never accumulated working credits as everyone else I knew did, a record of this discrimination occurring spanning over a decade with myself not caring about this fact. By 2020, after nearly 2 decades of breaches to my Privacy, police accessing MyGov out of spite with no legal investigation and my funds being inferred with constantly over nearly 2 decades which included banking institutions, I Cared. This period of my life and the evidence within Centrelink and MyGov against the police and government targeting was irrefutable. Tim Young of VICPOL needed Federal Approval to run his smear campaign for the government had already proved he lacked not only credibility, but character as a police officer was undeniably at fault within this illegal activity and life threatening result.

Further defamation and damages created by this desperate facade being played out by police and government authorities as without the withholding of millions, now into billions of dollars due to myself I would NEVER have spent up to 3 hours on the phone with Human

Services learning about the discriminatory methods taken by governments towards low income demographics.

The 17th of December 2020 leading up to Christmas seen my family stoop lower as I refused to forgive the mocking and dismissal of Kurt Slaven's offending and numerous other rape offences with malicious accusations with no basis or facts. My brother's partner and the

Mother of his first child tried to extort $7000.00 I Never owed my brother from myself after I called out the excessive damage he perpetrated that saw my Mercedes Benz irreparable.

The threat of a lawsuit "frivolous, disgraceful and unimaginably hurtful" something I encouraged once the threat was made. My Father having committed perjury in SATAC court regarding the lease contract between myself and my brother, it was evident at this point my

family were trying to extort money owed to myself for their own personal gain. All members of my direct family having had benefited from the malicious accusations with no basis or facts that circulated about myself for years while I almost solely fought for justice in a cover up exposed beyond denial.

2 record phone conversations acquired from Freedom of Information, Receipt No: 033584 from Wednesday 16th December 2020 and Receipt No. 356612 from the 18th of December 2020. Recorded phone calls which have the call centre making statement like 'your attitude makes you very hard to help!?' My attitude reflects the actions I'm enduring, the fact that I was expected to lay down and take it was like the police asking me to give consent to a rapist. Fuck no and fuck you lady I thought as we discussed the illegitimacy of the decisions being made regarding my welfare. Both calls demonstrated not only any agenda to disrupt my entire life but that the government's decision to place person's on payment cards had

NOTHING to do with spending on Cigarettes or Alcohol as it restricts. Indue Limited, ABN 97 087 822 464 (“Indue”) is a bank and Authorised Deposit-Taking Institution (“ADI”) that is

regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority. Indue is owned by financial institutions, each of which is also an ADI. Supported by Senior Advisory Group of the Indigenous voice to government Marcia Langton recommended by Liberal MP Andrew

Forest of the Tony Abbott Liberal government Langton withdrawn her support for the scheme citing it as "brutal" and abuse of the poor. Personally I agree that the card is a gross abuse of welfare and Human Rights. Playing cards - a deck of cards also restricted to purchase and also irrelevant to myself. The temporary refuge in Alice Springs bringing further reckless endangerment as I could no longer afford food and expenses. The Abbott government internationally famous for its brutal Australian refugee policy. This Statement by Malcom

Fraser, Former Liberal PM made in 2015 before he passed reflective of the Australia led by a Liberal government.

"If they are genuine refugees, there is no deterrent that we can create which is going to be severe enough, cruel enough, nasty enough to stop them fleeing the terror in their own lands."

"Australia is now known around the world as the most inhumane, the most uncaring and the most selfish of all the wealthy countries."

Greed and treachery rife within the Morrison Liberal government running policies and laws not fit for purpose causing preventable harms and intolerable human rights violations for far too many people.

To survive I withdrew money invested in Barbwire Noose. Setting back my one love the only option I had as allocated payments were not processed by Human Service. These recorded conversations revealing the facts and that I was so reckless endangered during this time, not only could I have died in homelessness but it revealed the Federal Police and governments abuse of government departs did not disrupt criminal activities, instead it literally aided and abetted them. The association laws proved beyond doubt as not fit for purpose in there application against myself.

Identified during an inquiry in 2017 the implementation of the welfare card actual increased crime when year to year averages are considered. Tax payers money, my money was being given to the banking giants to accrue interest. The issues did not just extend to as many

welfare recipients had raised as concerns, the embarrassing rejections at checkout for food and basics. They also extended to the government and big banks making money while Human Rights, numerous articles of the Universal declaration of Human Rights were cast aside for petty profits. Monash University publishing paper WELFARE QUARANTINING IN AUSTRALIA 2007-2020 by Dr Sara Maher November 2020. The conclusion highlights not only a permeate agenda Undermining that All

human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. It encroaches everyone, as a member of society and the right to social security and is entitled to realization, through national effort and international co-operation and in accordance with the organization and

resources of each State, of the economic, social and cultural rights indispensable for his dignity and the free development of his personality. Legislation not fit for purpose and

Demeaning. Endless studies showing the Cashless card welfare is ineffective this conclusion extract from the Monash University publication clearly outlines the concerns I witnessed, myself proposing Class Action to Human Services (FOI Receipt No. 814991) on the 21st of

December 2020.

"Many claims have been made as to how income management and cashless welfare will improve the lives of those on either scheme. Each iteration has presented a range of issues,

including ethical and legal concerns. Some of those concerns, under the NTER and NIM, included the lack of transparency in social worker decisions to do with vulnerability; the use

of incentives for the voluntary measure and the lack of, or limited, rights of review.

Increasingly, the CDC is being framed as a tool that not only reduces social harms, such as drinking and gambling, but also improves financial competency and budgeting (Henrique-Gomes,2020, para. 2). Yet, improvement in the lives of those under the scheme appears

negligible, and the trials have, unquestionably, caused harm. Lack of appropriate and effective consultation, racial targeting, the blanket applications of compulsory IM, difficulties

in applying for exemptions and the creation or reinforcement of welfare dependency, are all significant, and highly problematic concerns. Attempts to redress these concerns, especially

given the scale of the policy, have simply not been adequate."

The Federal Police perverting the course of justice and all charges against sex offenders only to try and have myself die living below the poverty line. A decision showing detrimental injustices and almost insurmountable abuses of power.

Punitive damages, (exemplary damages) claim are damages assessed in order to punish the defendant for outrageous conduct and/or to reform or deter the defendant and others from engaging in conduct similar to that which formed the basis of the lawsuit, loss of opportunity damages, defamation, severe Pain and suffering - a payment for the harmful

impact the injury has had on your life, physically and mentally; and numerous other monetary compensation charges including unconstitutional targeting.

Barbwire Noose® as a small company already sustaining the massive interferences from the government since my application for trademarking in 2005, my main income source were sales online without the ability to obtain other work with the police forces malicious

accusations with no basis or facts and NO evidence to take to court. Which was why after nearly a decade I had Never been taken to court over the years of malicious accusations with no basis or facts and the endless falsified investigations.

The end of this out of control corruption arrived at the end of the year of 2020 and by this stage I was at odds with my lack of interest in resolution if the Australian Police Force continued to abuse my life. Rather stab persons threatening my life and defend myself than live Reckless endangerment for a decade and continue to be a victim of sex crimes. Proofing this autobiography for the last time I sought external editing quotes from Tellwell a Victorian and USA based publisher and watched Christian Porter and Peter Dutton on a power trip to

pave what I seen as a clear way for Chinese dictatorship in Australia. An endlessly barrage of proposed legislation - draconian laws and legislation to bypass the independent justice system with avenues excluding court expertise to make an impartial decisions over looking court systems use in relation to issues surrounding persons freedoms like warrants.

Australia in a fragile state just as National Integrity was rolling out. The endless cover ups an example of the depths of truth yet to be unveiled. I had No respect for the police force after

they watched myself raped for years with little to no action. Many of the Freemasons of Australia proved to just be a disgraceful boys club riding the extortion of Prince Phillip and many other elite men in infidelity over the 20th and 21st Century.

Money has a time value. A dollar received to say is worth more than a dollar received in the future. Conversely, a dollar received in the future is worth less than a dollar received today. Because we earn interest on money received today, it is better to receive money soon rather than later. To not receive money today Economist would say you have suffered an 'opportunity loss'. Since 2014, not only was I nearly made homeless repeatedly and destitute - a living Nikola Tesla, I suffered much opportunity losses due to the police and government combined cover up of illegal and criminal conduct."

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