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MCCSA 1st Anniversary Celebration

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

The MCCSA will be hosting a 1st Anniversary singing the Amazing Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson song 'We are the World'.

After a decent dose of covid this year, I have quite a sore throat, which is currently affecting my vocals - that stated, I'm excited to try, and you may see me in attendance!

Everyone is invited to join.

Guest speaker Zoe Bettison of Australian Labor party, plus the Major have been locked in by MCCSA to attend. Invites extended to Australian Greens Barbara Pocock - to which the multicultural Australian Greens party member declined representation at the event - Very disappointing and lost my support into the future. Invites were also extended by myself to SA Best representation.

Get involved and come along to this wonderful Adelaide community based event!

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