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Marcia Anita Hobbs (MAH) = Marcia BNoose (MBN)

I changed my name for a Myriad of reasons. In a nutshell:

Firstly in defiance of elitism and the stupendous notion that my name 'HOBBS' gave me privilege. What a load of woke bullocks. The name represents merely a bloodline - traits and achievements that I may or may not have notions of achieving, aspiring too or more greatly being associated with.

My family and I are for most part estranged. Since 16 and a half years of age I would see members of my family possibly half a dozen times a year most years. We were never close and during the most enduring period of my life whistleblowing police covering up their use of the sex industry including numerous children exploited by pedophiles they basically abandoned me. The too hard basket always within reach. So I changed my name wanting no association with the atrocities they covered up and the Human Rights violations they approved for power.

Marcia BNoose is a combination of my first name which as a public figure was always going to be hard to shed, and my 'One Love' fashion label Barbwire Noose. B = Barbwire in BNoose.

I am known by and still use both names appropriately. Marcia Anita Hobbs formally and Marcia BNoose more predominantly since the change.

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