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Empowering Speakers, a March that Filled the streets! A day where the voices of victims were heard and the passion for Equality, Respect and Justice was Strong. Power to Women at March4Justice!! A proud moment and empowering moment in History to be a part of.

"Moving to Adelaide from the regional city of Mount Gambier, South Australia was a move made mainly for my 'One Love' Brand Barbwire Noose. The move opening many doors of opportunity, it also gave me further opportunity to take my activism passions to the streets! Fighting for Human Rights in the most conventional and accepted manner - Peaceful Protest." - Princess Marcia

A day filled with loud voices, Amazing women and supportive men. You could feel the wind of change. The momentum of the Me Too movement, Time's Up chime as ENOUGH IS ENOUGH was shouted in the streets of Adelaide and across Australia.

A fight that after decades of suppression felt to be one of true progress. The Truth undeniable, Voice will be Heard was the vibe.

After many years of fighting for my own justice after many sexual assault reports at the hands of police officer and the police force. I knew all to well the costs of silence and silencing. A day a reckoning, a moment of strength, I was SO Proud to stand amongst these survivors and supports of victims of women's injustices all over the globe.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Justice for All. Human Rights Matter.

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