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Let me take you back in time...

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Guilty Slaven Writers Proof, UGLY HEROS - The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement. CONCLUSION EXTRACT ‘The Road To Resolution’ 'I stepped back from my volunteering role with the GREENS political party, Barker electorate on the 24th of February 2020. Over 3 hours speaking to the Amazing Rosa M Hillam clearly an intelligent lady, whom I had spoken to over the phone before. Gentle in her speech, I delighted in the connection and conversing with another of our government representatives. Having advised her of the Wonderful Mount Gambier library as an ideal location to hold meeting in Mount Gambier regarding our district. She was lovely over the phone, yet as a business woman myself, 3 unorganised organised meetings was enough of my Presious time wasted. Communication regarding meetings not being professional. I was already witnessing, documenting and enduring an excessive lack of professionalism from our governing sectors regarding the health concern regarding National STD responsibility with a gang violence element, Royal Commission into SAPOL being announced and clearly my own FOI and surrounding personal matters. The unprofessional and illegal approach to politics of our current government a global discussion. The National Integrity Commission passed in government 2019 needed to be enacted. A promise of swift action and investigation from the government by the sector watchdog, a comment made by parliament representatives 2020, the most responsible commentry made in Australian politics in the beginning of 2020. Let me take you back in time, an extract from my second publication, The Story Behind the Brand - BARBWIRE NOOSE. 18 year old me volunteering in aged care. - 'When I volunteered at The Oaks I was unable to gain work for almost 6 months, I was sad and bored. Having been sexual assaulted by some whom I should have been able to trust, I internally felt very little worth. My experience volunteering with Real, Humane people soothed my mind. Seeing so many caring, loving staff and humble, knowledgeable elderly after being taken advantage of and what followed was exactly what I needed. It was my first and ONLY experience I’ve had with Haggis - Haggis, the national dish of Scotland, a type of pudding composed of the liver, heart, and lungs of a sheep (or other animal), minced and mixed with beef or mutton suet and oatmeal and seasoned with onion, cayenne pepper, and other spices. We made traditional Haggis, I could not eat it.'

I spent until Kurt Slaven was convicted keeping to myself as much as I could. Attending the Morman Church in and out of disappointment and the defamation of this time. Practising Freemasonry quietly for my Fellow Craft status. I was told I had no job as much as I was implied to be a prostitute over these years since the homicide case. More efforts to dissolve my business and for the defamation trail, character assasination desperation endless by this stage. You think you would just deal with the excessive police criminal conduct and corruption, but no, not without a Royal Commission into SAPOL. This behaviour had continued for 6 years under the watch of ICAC, the policing sector of South Australia rotten to the core.

Spending much time branding, travelling to feature in Eco Fashion Week Australia in its opening years in this country, Sydney Retail Festival heading towards bulk in-store sales and developing a sales space with high traffic platforms like world renowned Amazon. It was obvious I worked, had my own label and was not a prostitute, unless you were listening to a person who was saying or relaying this information as police sourced.

To study a Masters of Business Administration at the Australian Institute Of Business you required a job and/or managing a successful business for 3 years, just to be eligible. You are required to acquire 2 business recommendations and undergo an approval process, that’s just application. If you do not pass subjects through out the course you do not progress to the next subjects of study. Each subject completed required an in-house or business analysis with my own business operations making up the majority of these assessment projects. This defamation that had continued for 6 years excessively and I had a long list of persons, from many differing demographic that could testify to hearing the nonsense.

It was a little like deja vu, meeting the most Amazing 94 year old lady. My neighbor wondering down to my property distressed over a cat. From this moment, Kathy had a coffee cup at my house. All I did was branding, send out Barbwire Noose orders, studied and finalising the Guilty Slaven Royal Commission proof of this biography. Kathy was ripped from Poland in her late teens by the Nazi movement, her story is crazy cool and pretty scary! She had such an Amazing life and I indulge in her stories weekly. Our friendship was something Real and relatable in such an unreal reality where most people had an agenda, Not Kathy. She had been forced to work for the Nazi regime for years, collecting a German pension and populating Australia from America after the War. Her stories were courageous and enduring - like mine, but different. Her experiences enlighten and inspired myself at such a dreary time. Kathy was like the Amazing Lady in the first room on the right at the Oaks Aged Care facility. I spoke to them all, as many elderly clients as i could delivering meals and checking the aged generation basic needs. The elderly are So full of knowledge and experience, I must have found this subconsciously refreshing in my recovery in 2002. My favorite old lady passing away in 2002, was when I stopped volunteering. Mourning the loss of life Not my loss of dignity and innocence from being touched by a creepy old man under duress. I held onto this time with Cathy. Knowing it was So precious, a universal gift. Cathy was in love with Rossi and visited my German Shepard right up until I had to put him to sleep. Rossi was 13 years of age going on 14 years old. An Amazingly obedient German Shepard with a big personality, he was going blind, deaf and had arthritis. I Authored both biographical books during the finalisation of resolution and conviction of the numerous sex offenders identified during this period.'

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