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Kurt Slaven, the Guilt and Consequence.

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Guilty Slaven Writers Proof, Biography UGLY HEROS - The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement. CONCLUSION EXTRACT 'The Road To Resolution'

'Waiting for SAPOL and DPP to announce and formalise Kurt Slaven guilt was more of a plot to withhold justice than a wait for the act to charge him. A 2+ year old statement, a 5+ year old report against a criminally aligned sex offending officer. The wait, especially after discussing the charge further in court December 2nd, with a 3rd Judge to witness this severe abuse of process and institutional harassment. Such a gross abuse of public officer by ICAC having sex offenders being protected by malpractice and misconduct within the police force for these years. Pedophile protectors not police, as it evidently was by 2020. David Kyriacou failed to withdraw his false statement after I spent much of 2020 calling him out regarding the defamation. The statement and falsified fines having been mentioned to myself by numerous member of the public, Excessively over the year of 2019. Persons going as far as stating I did not have a licence as I apparently had drug issues. My Mercedes Benz, broken and clear as day in my driveway where I reside. This defamation effecting my employment prospects and reputation over the period of time to which the false statement and falsified fines existed. The statement Cou Cou made up to protect criminally offending officers - sex offending officers and the police’s illegal involved in the sex industry it seemed. David Kyriacou 23 years within the SAPol police force and a rank of Inspector. The first person to allow David Bradley to breach intervention order in 2014 after being present the night of David’s serious offending with a knife. David Kyriacou’s statement and a fine made up under Andrew Locks misconduct also correlating it seemed in the final desperate plot from SAPol to excuse sex offenders with drug addiction notions. Myself, testing negative with no trace of drugs in my system numerous times. I alerted loved ones when the charge was binding and Kurt Slaven’s Guilt was concluded. This was at the end of 2019, both SAPol and ICAC failing to act on this guilt. I entered the courts in 2020 with ALL false statements from police personnel involved in the court proceeding proven to be malicious, vindictive and defamatory. Guilt proven in the POLICE VS Kurt Slaven statement Concluding this biography. Ugly Heros - The price of unlawful enforcement, Life in the Shadow of the Elite STARForce team of South Australia Police with a settlement no less than seeing jail time served for such obscurity of this serious offending. Bemused by the Entirety of the last 5+ years, reporting Kurt Slaven and Paul Griffiths offending in 2014. October 2014 regarding Paul Griffiths offending and November 2014 regarding Kurt Slaven offending. The Road to Resolution and the complexity of investigating this operation, Overwhelming. Inquest had Kurt Slaven's sexual crimes proven GUILT - irrefutably in record from at the least the 19th of December 2019. With years of endless judicial abuse, cover ups, targeted harassment, victims rights abuse, abuse of process, falsified information amount to years of malpractice and misconduct against myself. An evidence trail through the roof of SAPol and ICAC targeting a Victim of numerous sex crimes stemming to offences against a minor. These corrupt actions Only undertaken by the Sector to fabricate a cover up regarding Kurt Slaven’s Guilt. Guilt extending to numerous victims, not just myself. Utterly Disgusting facts and revelations made for Royal Commission. There was Excitement I felt in the knowledge that Kurt Slaven was proven Guilty. Deflation in the revelation there was also a little haul to go with the court process. Christmas 2019 and the New Year of 2020 met myself with a content feeling. Justice on the horizon after much horrific offending against my life, a Guilty verdict resolution to the POLICE VS Kurt Slaven statement with jail time unavoidable for ‘The Monster’ - Kurt Slaven. It was also an end to the discrepancies of the Australian Federal Police overseen homicide tragedy. A Royal Commission into SAPOL came after the facts were too big to ignore. Kurt Slaven being charged, irrefutably Guilty, jail time could not be avoided.'

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