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Kurt Slaven- It's a Child Rape Offence

'Our class reunion had been topic of discussion, 2019 bringing us towards 20 years since the Year 12 class of 2000. The reality setting in that the conclusion of rape in 2001 brings confirmation of under aged intercourse charge. Rape of a minor by Kurt Slaven in 2001, legally classed under aged rape of myself. I had only Really been sexually active with my partner, I moved out of home with Tim. Engaging with ONLY 2 others with consent prior to my first love and the man I moved out of home to the Margaret Street property with - Tim.

The 2 outside my first serious relationship, A Stud that climbed at the Rock Climbing Gym my father was Proprietor of and my High School Crush in year 10, he was a Year 11. Having this rule of no boyfriends older than 2 years, ideally 1 year for my marriage prospects. Growth and maturity considerations. The boyfriends, mainly smart guys, we kissed and stuff - No Sex. Practical thinking as a teen, outgoing and confident I have possibly what you could say are peculiar set ways. Rules I give myself in life to achieve the life and person I want to be.

After all these experiences in my 30’s my view changed on the age rules, I always thought I'd marry by 24 years so one would hope after that age one could reconsider old aspirations. Happily unmarried, single by choice since reporting Kurt Slaven with the one relationship during this Human Rights activism for resolution. Happy in my success, I looked forward to seeing old friends in reunion but Dread the conversation about this biography. Having lived through this investigation and breathing it for 5 years I could only be grateful resolution was in sight before we get together. FREE signed biography for all and a Hopes that we don't have to re-live the visits to Margaret Street over those 3 months straight out of home and my Dramatic attitude change after the rape. Prior to my 17 years of age birthday. South Australia legal age regarding sexual intercourse 17 years old. This dragged out resolution, took me to my 20 year school reunion and almost the 20 year Anniversary of this POLICE VS Kurt Slaven Child Rape Offence.'

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