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Juris Doctor

Second Offer Accepted.

Officially enrolled for Studies, I have been accepted into 2 preferences and decided to undertake the higher degree Juris Doctor (JD) Study.

Significant Legislation regarding Human Rights very important to me this degree will allow me to practice Law and address many shortcomings in the Australian Justice system and governance corruption which plagues the Nation during these times.

Personally suffering at the hands of inhumane, illegal and unjust laws I hope to see changes into the future for Australia of real integrity while studying and abroad.

The JD is a pathway to legal practice as a barrister and solicitor in a range of settings including law firms, in-house counsel and community legal centres. Graduates are also highly competitive in a range of other careers outside of law including government, commerce, consulting and advising, public administration, social justice and human rights, as leaders across the globe.

Human Rights Matter. A Better World.

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