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January 2023

It's been a hectic start! Anticipating the numerous Autobiographies I have authored to finally hit the shelves, I spent New Years celebrating in Adelaide then scooted over to Melbourne to pick up a V8 Mercedes classic. As if clocking up those kilometres wasn't enough. I took two trips in one week to Uluru, central Australia Northern Territory, caught up with my (currently) favourite Barbwire Noose sponsorship Josh Sarmiento and am set to travel to Tasmania as I blog.

Mechanics, sewing and only a few home cooked meals preparing to travel to Tasmania - I was still at home with my parents when I visited there last! Upon return from the land down unders down under I co-pilot a trip up the east coast with prospective Big Brother contestant, traveller Life Of Bryan. Can't wait to share some of the trip over the next three weeks anticipating the shelves date for autobiography The Story Behind the Brand BARBWIRE NOOSE!

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