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"Happy International Women's Day! Blessed to be a woman, I feel the day is not only an important day in history. But a vital day to celebrate and acknowledge the struggles and successes of all women. past and present.

The theme for 2023 DigitALL, innovation and tech for gender equality. Here in Australia much of the focus today has been on the fact that women on average still earn a million dollars less than men. In my personal experience, the financial woes of women in Australia are some of our least threatening concerns. I am known best as a Human Rights activism - fighting for the dignity, rights and respect of our most vulnerable peers - the disabled and sex workers I have witnessed much inequality. As a survivor of malicious, repeatative, intentional sex crimes and life threatening domestic violence I know well the struggles Australian women have to be heard, believed and receive justice. Australia's political climate, an irrefutable boys club. Focusing on tech, the digital era has given women some power back to be seen and heard. But is it enough?

Sexual exploitations via digital content shared between men said to be at an all time high - myself personally experiencing the devastating effects of revenge porn. I ponder on this day, more than a century on from the Universal female suffrage movement why men continue to dehumanise and discriminate against the gender which gave them their life." Marcia BNoose (Anita Hobbs)

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