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Irrefutably GUILTY

CONCLUSION EXTRACT - The Road To Resolution.

'Petition and Protest is a Citizens Right and maintains responsible government. The scholars,

the literatures, the readers, the poet's, the writers - The Arts. Never allow Government to

crush Creativity and Unity. Love is peaceful, hate Never will be.

The future to further silence our voices relies much on technology records and the

manipulation of communication. WI-FI and Corporate technology without a doubt a

monopoly agenda. Print publications and Real Community engagement is Key to an Open,

Peaceful Society - humans being humans, feeling emotions and loving Each other. The

Emotion we are born with - Love. A fight against the same hate and divide that's always

threatened man kind and lead to war - hate and a greed for power. FREE is what we ALL

Are - First and Above all, Free to Be and Feel as the Most intelligent of All beings on Earth,

Human Beings, Mankind.

Waiting for SAPOL and DPP to announce and formalise Kurt Slaven had been proven guilty

was more of a plot to withhold justice than a wait for the act to charge him regarding the 2

year old statement, 5 year old report. Especially after discussing the charge further in court

December 2nd with a 3rd Judge to witness this severe abuse of process. I alerted loved

ones when sufficiently the charge was binding.

Guilt proven in the POLICE VS Kurt Slaven statement Concluding this biography. Ugly

Heros - The price of unlawful enforcement, Life in the Shadow of the Elite STARForce team

of South Australia Police with a settlement no less than seeing jail time served for such

obscurity of this serious offending.

Bemused by the Entirety of the last 5 years, reporting Kurt Slaven and Paul Griffiths

offending in 2014. October for Griffiths and November for Kurt Slaven. The Road to

Resolution and the complexity of investigating this operation, Overwhelming.

Inquest has Kurt Slaven's sexual crimes GUILT irrefutable on records on the 19th of

December 2019. With years of endless judicial abuse, cover ups, targeted harassment,

victims rights abuse, abuse of process and falsified information - Only needing the

fabrication to cover Guilt. There was Excitement for me in this knowledge. Deflation in the

revelation also with a little haul to go. Christmas 2019 and the New Year of 2020 met with a

content feeling. Justice on the horizon after much horrific offending against my life, a Guilty

verdict resolution to the POLICE VS Kurt Slaven statement and an end to the discrepancies

of the Australian Federal Police overseen Gordon Hamm tragedy.'

UGLY HEROS - The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement available in leading bookstores 2020.

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