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High Court Form 12

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

The High Court of Australia. Section 75(v) of the Commonwealth Constitution confers jurisdiction on the High Court of Australia where "a writ of mandamus or prohibition or an injunction is sought against an officer of the Commonwealth".

The term writ refers to a formal, legal document that orders a person or entity to perform or to cease performing a specific action or deed. Writs are drafted by judges, courts, or other entities that have administrative or judicial jurisdiction.

There are five types of Writs in Australia which are Habeas Corpus, Mandamus, Certiorari, Quo Warranto and Prohibition and all these writs are an effective method of enforcing the rights of the people and to compel the authorities to fulfil the duties which are bound to perform under the law.

After 7 years and an irrefutable cover up of sex offenders by the Australian Police Force, SAPOL, VICPOL, NSWPOL, ICAC and IBAC an application to the High Court of Australia was initiated to resolve the POLICE vs Kurt Slaven statement made by myself in 2017/2018 after reporting the crime initially in 2014.

International Intelligence and the National Security of Australia heavily compromised by corrupt goverance in Australia and the countries blatant disregard for the International Human Rights Declaration.

'Effective police accountability involves identifying and punishing those who have committed misconduct, and ensuring accountability after the act. Because police officers act on the basis of directives, accountability includes responsibility for the direction, control or diligence exercised before and during operations to ensure observance of the law and policies and of human rights.'

The constitutional writs relevant to my statements against police not heard before the justice system In law - certiorari is a court process to seek judicial review of a decision of a lower court or government agency. Certiorari comes from the name of an English prerogative writ, issued by a superior court to direct that the record of the lower court be sent to the superior court for review; Mandamus is a judicial remedy in the form of an order from a court to any government, subordinate court, corporation, or public authority, to do some specific act which that body is obliged under law to do, and which is in the nature of public duty, and in certain cases one of a statutory duty.

A justice system lost in injustice could only recover itself in just remedies or good men. No good men we're evident for over a decade, silenced by the disgrace they embraced.

Nothing can silence the pen. Justice for ALL.

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