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Happy World Kindness Day!!

Today is World Kindness Day! On the 13th of November each year this Amazing Initiative and International Organisation founded in Australia May 2011 celebrates Kindness. A registered Not For Profit following the success of a local school campaign in 2009 to address the issues of bystander behavior with the “Courage To Be Kind”, the Founder saw World Kindness Day - November 13th, placed on both the New South Wales State and Australian Federal School Calendars by the Departments of Education resulting in 400 events in the following months. Like WWF Australia founding success story movement "Earth Hour". The World Kindness Movement has been recognised within councils of Australia, Political Acknowledgement, International Foundations - Australia leading the way with another Amazing Movement Success!! I am So Proud to be part of and support with Barbwire Noose - A Better World Initiative and my pageant titles - the World Kindness Movement.

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