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GUILTY Kurt Slaven

CONCLUSION EXTRACT Writer Manuscript pg 149

'I make conclusive statement and evidence in stating during this 5 years investigating

SAPOL, specifically the Mount Gambier police station and CIB operation I NEVER

conducted myself as a sex industry worker, just myself with police investigation privileges.

By 2014 the defamation from what I can state was 2011 and dates back to 2001 I believe

had convinced these women they could confide in me as a fellow sex industry worker. The

substantial claims of prostitution from Police Personal and conspiring persons of association

are purely defamation and Multi Millions of Dollars of damages to my life, Company and

label Barbwire Noose.

My drive to investigate and whistle blow in such controversy - evidently resolution, and the

many injustices I've seen, had shared with me in the last five years and endured from this


Heading out of November 2019 to the downgraded trial to pre-trail by the last judge to

withdraw from this clear Institutional Harassment. A political agenda to control the illegal

prostitution Industry in South Australia with police pimps. The DDP in court records for years

claiming they had made cases even confessions to which they breached victim rights to

construct. I awaited December 2nd 2019 with re-validation of all my policing qualifications

after disputes made by corrupt police personal protecting personal interests and obstructing

justice. The Royal Commission in sight and mounting evidence to make this action not only

inevitable but to put an End to this type of practise within the Australian Police Force.

The result of this war practice with police and bikies - an innocent, attractive, little girl used.

Was simply, the destruction of a little girl, for petty gains and further up the chain for power

and political gain. Eye for an Eye achievements. Which in turn break and destroys

communities in the wake of these alliances and hidden discrepancies. I don’t agree with this

practise nor will I be silenced in resolution for the police, freemasonry, family or government.

I have a Right to Resolution, the People have the Right to the Truth, Always. Freedom of

Speech and Freedom of Information rights eroding throughout 2019 in Australia with a

controversial Australian Federal Police bust on the ABC. Following suit to the American

trends of Donald Trumps constant attacks on media and truth it is So important government

is accountable to the people it serves and can Not cover such criminal conduct. This is

something we all should strongly protect. No one should be scared to report government or

in my circumstance Criminal Police misconduct.

Human Rights Matter. I am, the misuse and abuse of association laws for police and political

gain. I am, The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement.'


Biography Manuscript* proof copy to charging point of Kurt Slaven, CURRENT to the 9th November 2019. Inclusive of chilling underworld details of crimes untold. Biography by Founder Marcia Anita Hobbs written in Human Rights Activism fight for her own personal rights. A captivating account of True Crime and the illusive South Australian Underworld. Gripping accounts of the Regional Underworld. Life in the Shadows of the Elite STARForce team of South Australia Police.
*GRAMMAR KINGS AND QUEENS Beware: This is not the edited final manuscript for publication. This is the writers manuscript.
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