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Fashion and Sustainability 2024

Updated: Mar 17

Starting 2024 in Victoria at the Mount Arapiles State Park (some pics below!), a world renowned rock climbing location and a favourite place of mine to run away to for a weekend of rock climbing. Spending more time than planned in this impromptu location while on at Barbwire Noose Author On Tour. I enjoyed asending routes up to grades of 18 and jumping on up to grade 25 top rope climbs - thanks Zorba!! The year has started with fitness and fun amongst productivity and studies. Paving the way for more book releases, Fashion achievements, studies and more for 2024.

So excited to have achieved my Arts Diploma in Music Production from an enrolment in Fashion in 2023 at Collarts, Melbourne, Victoria (Studies online). Relocating to New York, USA.

I am SO Happy to have transferred into my desired study course 2024!!

Loving creating Music with DAW - Ableton, I look forward to gaining much sustainability knowledge leading the way in fashion as well as creating the Music for Barbwire Noose Fashion Week Runways!!

A four month Barbwire Noose A Better World initiative donating books the priorities of this activism is disabled justice. Please take a moment to email you local and federal MP regarding SA Labor Government criminal negligence at Sharley House on behalf of our mute, non-cognitive peers.

Thank you!

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