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Fall of Tarbisu (Aust Police Forces)

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Small bragging right in the depths of ten years corruption, malicious accusations with no basis or facts as an agenda to cover up governance department sex crimes - basically just as many police Commissioners have generally had short lived careers in service of the top job.

Commissioner Malcom Hyde was SAPOL serving Commissioner when my life was first utilised in South Australia Police Force Operations.

Commissioner Gary Burns was SAPOL chief Commissioner throughout the Gordon Hamm homicide debacle.

Graham Andrew of VICPOL was Victoria police chief Commissioner throughout the Gordon Hamm homicide debacle.

Mike Fuller was Commissioner of NSWPOL when neglectful investigations of sexual crimes were conducted. NSWPOL went on to partake in the tort of false incarceration with VICPOL and Australia Federal Police (AFP) police forces.

Grant Stevens, Commissioner of South Australia Police Force during the intentional cover up of governance sex crimes including paedophilia.

Shane Paton, Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police Force who engaged torts of emotional distress, illegally strip searching and false incarceration leading to a mutli million dollars torts claim from myself and brand Barbwire Noose.

Jamie Chalker, Chief Commissioner of Northern Territory during torts of harassment/emotional distress and when NTPOL police officers recklessly endangering my life with intentional and malicious defamation intending to cause grievous bodily harm.

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