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Collection “ECOTOPIA” by Marcia Hobbs of Barbwire Noose Clothing, Ms Southern Hemisphere 2019; is again an Eco Fashion stereotype breaker - putting everyday fashions with a twist on the Australian Eco Fashion Week Runway. Designs artistic with raw environmental flair, Marcia’s BN Couture designs this year crafted for EFWA strays again from the norm of perfected machine stitch, wasted fabric edging and over-locked seams to create a collection of Raw outspoken imperfectly perfect assembly.

Zero waste with each garment in Marcia’s entire ECOTOPIA collection, from evening wear to the casual look street wear style tee has been given an artistic eco curve in 2018 reflective of the brands everyday threads. Hemp being a prominent material in the collection this year Marcia again has also used eco felt to construct unique design to captivate the imagination.

Another successful Eco Fashion Week Australia (EFWA) for it's second year running in Australia it was spectacular to be part of the largest EFW in History thus far. A gorgeous runway grace with some Amazing sustainable fashion labels.

Barbwire Noose® takes great pride in that our established line offers Organic Cotton, Bamboo and Hemp options. EFWA being a great contributor to the sustainable fashion industry we were again SO excited to be part of this revolutionary movement.

Including informative workshops as seen in 2017, the venue humble was filled with Great support for the Eco Fashion World.

Zuhal again providing a wonderful platform for up and coming sustainable designers and the established to shine on the runway. Both Perth and Port Douglas drawing attention to what hopefully leads into the future to be dominant in fashion. Environmentally aware garments and garment disposal considerations for planet health.

It's SO exciting as a designer to indulge so closely within the sustainable fashion industry. Full Design description below. A Better World.

Barbwire Noose® Clothing, BrandSA business, Sth Aust. ​4 - 10th Port Douglas, QLD; 15 - 21st NOV Perth, WA.

My designs for both 2017 and 2018 have been Raw Cuts, Raw Stitch - No Waste, No Overlocking.

Collection “ECOTOPIA” by yours truly of Barbwire Noose Clothing, Runway Line Up.

Runway Garment 1

Design #7 An angelic single cut organic cotton halter neck dress with train. The raw material crafted around The Body to flatter the figure. Hugging the hips the halter neck crossing at the bust. A glamorous piece with a Sexy and dramatic plunging back line and subtle wooden embellishments to fasten. An organic dream with spectacular presence.

Runway Garment 2

Garment #4 A Cloud9 fabrics gown - Cloud9 Organic materials are certified, with this material organic cotton. Draping beautifully over one shoulder the lightweight and soft feel fabric compliments the body as it delicately hugs the hips. Fixing to the side of the dress the design creates folds within the fabric shaping the wearer into a gorgeous hourglass figure. Ready to Wear Runway Fashion, subtle prints on white fabric covets an graceful angelic look.

Runway Garment 3

Design #1 Is abstract art constructed of a durable recycled bottle felt, the fabric is assembled to form flattering discretion enticing the imagination to glide over the missing pieces of fabric with as much ore and anticipation as indulging in the garment itself.

Runway Garment 4

Design #2 Also of Recycled Bottles Felt Marcia has put artistic flair to the everyday tee, sporting the male physique with open seams the take off of the norm has a summer runway look highlighting the recycled factor in the piece.

Runway Garment 5

Garment #5 Festival sheek, a light hemp skeleton skirt lined with gorgeous organic cotton. The hemp roses made of off cuts, this garment - as with the collection Zero Waste. A passion for Music Fests the high waist, thick waist band oozes organic and Falls Fest. Marcia here designing a personal reflection of social experiences, raw hemp with a flower field feel and wooden embellishments.

Runway Garment 6

Garment #6 Marcia has a personal passion for the versatility, durability and environmental advantages of hemp. Residing in rural South Australia Marcia has draw inspiration from the simplicity practicality of farming life to craft a males short empowering practically and the needs of basic needs. The draw cord recycled shoe laces. Barbwire Nooses Mission and Vision of ‘A Better World’ reflected in the Youth Off The Streets draw cord.

Runway Garment 7

The Barbwire Noose Brand Founder and Lead designers final Garment #8 Hemp and organic cotton. A male pant, organic cotton lining and raw hemp detailing. The cross hatching and open sides a dazzling runway display of creativity, raw organics, Zero Waste fashion and the male ego.

Runway Garment 8

Jute, durable and strong like hemp sculpted into a wooden embellishment fastened wrap around dress. Exquisite in the holding of form with folds and minimal stitch, the dress takes you to exotic escapes and island living. Strapless the light weight material floats around the body with a comfortable, casual yet elegant fit.

My Marilyn R.Wilson Up-cycling Challenge Garment

Design #3 A luscious skirt of shirts makes the ball gown flow captivating artistry with a cuff clasp at the rear of the strapless dress. Using honorable, outdated service shirts Marcia has created a raw Strapless ball gown - skirt using the shirts collar as the gowns waist banding and buttoning to self fastening and allow adjustment. Embracing recycling in its rawest form a zero waste, minimal cuts, no restitch or over-locking garment. ‘Ferrero’ embraces the core ideals of the brand Fear Is The Root Of All Weakness® and A Better World with our front line officers now discontinued uniform. An inspirational and personal piece assembled with shirts dear to Marcia - the garment humbly and sincerely embraces recycled fashion with great pride, presence and Love.

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