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'BRUTAL' Australian Music Feature

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

HISTORICAL and Royal Commission into SAPOL making Biography UGLY HEROS - The price of Unlawful Enforcement.


"In 2020, without this autobiography, I felt unable to communicate the enormity and impact of all the operations and investigations - the compromises and offences committed against myself. The ordeal Truly unfathomable. I might as well have been Alexithymia the meaning (literally 'no words for feelings') refers to a person's inability to identify or verbally describe his or her feelings. The psychiatric syndrome is prevalent in patients with psychosomatic problems, substance abuse, and anxiety disorders, but alexithymia symptoms occur along a continuum. Literature, a form of communication, ‘words’, my deep love for poetry romanced the subsiding and almost paralysed senses and emotions that I once portrayed. Admittedly I had always been a little numb since the offence Kurt Slaven committed against myself as a minor. My manic music taste of Heavy Metal to Jazz, soothing the emotional roller coaster. I’ll listen to Anything but whatever Damian tortured me with in our relationship. Tim Young and I communicated on and off 2019. I end up hating him after I officiated the relationship he stalked of myself for years. Tim Young proceeded to lie about me from this point. Adding further pain and suffering to my ordeal. Further pain and suffering directed towards what he knew was a little girl and police made rape victim. Something I can not forgive him for. Tim Young then tried to interfere with the print of this autobiography with defamatory commentary and denial of his pursuit of myself for years. The modifications to the manuscript after posting the officiated relationship with Tim Young included double spacing applied between words, sentence modifications and spaces in the middle of words. Time and costs which affected purchasers and myself. Illegal activity to which the police force was not below stooping to covering up heinous crimes. Myself previously having been subject to Tim Young’s defamation calling myself a stripper in 2017, by 2020 it was irrefutably concluded Tim Young in neglectful investigations was directly linked to the illegal industry claims against myself and furthermore had rumoured about police investigations for years to friends all over Australia. Tim Young, not the man he had portrayed himself to be on social media, himself, with his friends mocking my label in their desperation to make an investigation out of targeting a little girl as a group of boys. The worst of Tim Young’s reputational damage occured during the period of 2019 which lead to Luke Ryan raping me in Victoria to try and solidify a relationship that had been rejected for years. By 2020 after Tim Young had been lying about myself for years, had been stalking me and covering up for police using prostitutes it had caused me insurmountable emotional and physical pain and suffering.

The relationship was a stupid expedition executed by myself as I thought Tim Young of VICPOL would be honest about Darryl Peter Wright use of prostitutes as i knew Tim Young knew of this. Tim lied and tried to start to play into the emotional instability claim I had fought for years as a whistleblower. I made the virtual relationship a short lived one. Ending the relationship virtually also after Tim's comment "I do know what a Royal commission, and it's obligations are. Shame I know, and have had, nothing to do with SAPOL. So if my travel and accommodation is paid for.." A calis remark from the Comanchero cop who’s financial circumstances can't afford the character assasination he engaged in. All government employees are obligated within their employment terms to report corruption and malpractice. I had previously stated "I'm SO Sorry my love, for we can never be lovers." in poetic publication directed at Tim Young written on the 10th of April 2019. Regretting forgiving his egotistical persona a second time I made it clear he could be nothing more than an ex upon resolution to the investigation. Having been raped because of Tim Young’s poor decisions at the beginning of 2019, his choice to lie for Darryl Peter Wright at my expense was 2 decisions that had led to the most pain and suffering I had ever endured and this was not something I felt I could move past. Being angry at Tim and the police did not explain how I felt, Alexithymia.

The indescribability coming from the contrasting emotional reactions I no longer had or felt. To literally explain, ‘no words for feelings’ was that I had no feelings. Feelings in a situation to which a normal person would react like fear, deep connection or emotional displacement I no longer felt. I've Never been boring enough to want to claim to be normal, who would want to do that! Yet after all these experiences, the capitalising out of human life and draining application of my intellect, I did want to be normal. But I am anything but normal, and at the least I was now prepared for anything, if I was not already numb to it.

TIMELY FACT: The Police Association rejecting the Police Ombudsman findings, and the Police Minister accepting this action instead of siding with the Independent Assessment in 2016, is directly responsible for many gang deaths and Domestic Violence incidents committed after 2016. The corruption and gang concerns I raised in this autobiography, I brought to light in 2012 within the Mount Gambier Police Station and SAPOL. 8 years later and Nothing had changed with a fully established ICAC South Australia within OPI. ICAC South Australia established after I was involved in a major crimes compromise involving bikers by the Mount Gambier Police Station in 2012.

Criminal conduct and corruption witnessed by myself had been reported heavily until 2020 when I outlayed the Royal Commission framework in months of recorded audio on the Mount Gambier Police Station CIB answering machine. Whistleblowing this police corruption, corruption aligned with beastiality, child porn and a rapist riddled Chapter 4 of a police made Hells Angels club in Australia. Links and ties which resided heavily within the state of Tasmania and South Australia regarding the rapist ridden Chapter 4 - A Chapter that needed to be abolished.

The Royal Commission called in 2016 regarding the severe corruption and malpractice throughout SAPOL, reported by the Ombudsman, would have stopped many of the increases in state crimes, ICE and police criminal conduct which is SAPOL Commissioner Grant Stevens legacy. The rejection of the Police Ombudsman report in 2016 by the police association absolutely absurd to have occured. The Police Minister and Labor Government responsible for allowing the rejection of independent assessment. The Freemasons of South Australia and the Northern Territory with the incoming Liberals government of 2018 under a Liberal Federal Government delaying the inevitable Royal Commission until 2020. The state Liberl and Federal Liberal governments together for 2 out of 3 years worth of state leadership running a corrupt agenda passing over the sex crimes and ICE dealing by police before recifying the rife corruption. Any responsible government would have called the Royal Commission itself, instead the inevitable Royal Commission began without Political public announcement. Both Federal governments were happy to fail the state of South Australia until the problem was to Big to ignore. Myself calling the freemasons out as correlating blame regarding the lack of action towards gaining a Royal Commission into SAPOL in 2016 and 2019. A True Freemason, not just a piece of paper warrior freemason, hard to find. Many freemasons within the police force, a True Freemason is not after power and would have cleaned up the SAPOL police force even if he lost the power of his job and/or the respect of immoral and criminal friends. The decision of the Royal Commission in 2016 also would have left a clear avenue to which government investigative authorities involved could have had the STD personal responsibility law brought to South Australia, currently unenforced. A law enforced in NSW, Australia when the STD concern was publicised in 2016 in Mount Gambier South Australia. The right to sue a person for giving you an STD is a right of all Australian’s which currently holds a burden of proof in court involves you having already had a test to determine the origin of the disease. Something most of us have not taken to be privileged this protection or avenue.

The need for STD legislation to be enforced in the state of South Australian could be said to have been observed by the Federal Government approved homicide investigation run by VICPOL in 2014. Ideally, the Liberal government should have legislated regarding STD’s across the nation of Australia in 2014. The revelations during the homicide case outing the gang agenda regarding STD transmitting as a life threat. The Liberal government was aware of the excessively rapid increase of STD spreading across Australia due to gang violence in 2014 and did nothing. The gangland warfare associated with sexually transmitted disease continued and spread across Australia with no accountability for 6 years. ICAC South Australia allowed our military Air Force to be exposed to the biker spread of STD throughout its isolated barracks with a known associated and STD carrier assisted with her study by police to pass into the Australian Defence Force.

Kurt Slavens guilt ringing true and irrefutable by 2019, the conviction was merely a consolation prize to the Royal Commission into SAPOL, STD legislation across the Nation being achieved and an end to this unlawful enforcement."

HISTORICAL and Royal Commission into SAPOL making Biography UGLY HEROS - The price of Unlawful Enforcement.


"Talking relationship prospects with Tim Young - another police officer in Victoria at the time I was reporting Damian Ferrari for Domestic violence and sexual assault was a conflicting experience. The statement was taken in a special department of VICPOL and Detective Alyx Gray was well aware of all the ongoings regarding myself in communication with Tim Young. Myself furthermore reporting Tim's misconduct to her. It was amazing to watch Alyx disregard a serious DV offence and sex crime alongside what is seen as a big no, no - taking advantage of a vulnerable victim. The active detective regarding my statement against Damian I immediately distrusted her, her lack of Integrity evident down stairs as I waited for my uber with remarks insinuating I was a prostitute it was evident she was not just or moral. Alyx Gray tried to silence myself with the IBAC law as ICAC had tried in South Australia. An irrelevant charge as she declared herself as Special unit sexual crimes and we wrote a Statement Not an IBAC complaint. It was SO disappointing to watch the desperation of VICPOL matching SAPOL regarding serious sex offenders and sex offences. The smartass in me took over, I spoke out more ferociously to my family and nit picked the legislation. Were we including potential spouses here!? Hmmm, maybe I'd marry Drum Naked I thought to myself like a smart ass. Not knowing much about the drumming police officer other than he had played in a Metal band, I eventually googled him to find out more. Knowing of Tim prior to all this police stuff through my brand Barbwire Noose promoting the Australian Heavy Metal industry. Barbwire Noose travelling to gigs, promoting Australian Heavy Metal events and select Bands. Barbwire Noose featuring 'BRUTAL' Aust Metal bands on our website. We had featured Tim Young's band Abreact. Knowing Alyx had illegally lent on this legislation just to try and silence me from speaking out against Damian I was happy to play into Tim not knowing what would eventuate. I was sure Tim Young of VICPOL had something to hide. This meaning Tim would at some point side with the dark side of the law, intentionally or unintentionally I was not sure. But I was certain his loyalties did not lie by my side if he chose to remain a police officer."

HISTORICAL and Royal Commission into SAPOL making Biography UGLY HEROS - The price of Unlawful Enforcement.


"I had been reciprocating Tim's flirting, intrigued by the Victorian police officer I felt I knew better as the fake profile Travis Eamon. Tim Young unaware I knew he was the cop I called out on messanger in 2015 during most of our formal communication. A drummer in a metal band prior to joining the police force, Tim Young had followed myself on Instagram along with some of the band members, the band page and some of his friends. I followed Tim back on instagram, following most bands Barbwire Noose Clothing promoted with the 'BRUTAL' Australian Music Feature. I had paid not attend to the drumming cop on Instagram really until 2018. While I was trapped in a relationship with Damian Ferrari. In 2018 I thought he was Cute, by 2019 a little naive, by 2020 Tim Young was simply cute and stupid. Tim stating he like myself and my German Shepard Rossi proposing without meeting myself that I move to Adelaide made his proposal before resolution was met regarding Damian Ferrari and his offending as well as the Kurt Slaven offence. I messaged a copy of Tim Young proposition to his superiors as he was propositioning a victim at the time. A breach of legislation and not good conduct, though I liked him. We communicated on and off basically for the year of 2019. Myself overloading the VICPOL cop with SAPol corruption and other relevant intelligence."

Tim Young - Drums. Heavy Metal Band Abreact, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA.

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