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Barbwire Noose Clothing - The Story Behind The Brand. (Manuscript)

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Fear Is The Root OF All Weakness.


Government is a system or group of people governing an organised community, and or a state. Broader associative definitions state - government normally consists of legislature, executive, and judiciary. Government is a means by which organisational policies are enforced, as well as a mechanism for determining policy. Each government has a kind of constitution, a statement of its governing principles and philosophy. Typically the philosophy chosen is some balance between the principle of individual freedom and the idea of absolute state authority (tyranny). Historical forms of government include monarchy, aristocracy, timocracy, oligarchy, democracy, theocracy and tyranny. The main aspect of any philosophy of government is how political power is obtained, with the two main forms being electoral contest and hereditary succession.

Barbwire Noose® began following my fight for better quality of life for Disabled clients in government care. Fear Is The Root Of All Weakness® - slogan, long holding place on a yellow curtain blind which was purchased in youth whilst still fresh out of home. At the time it was inspirational and relevant as the main reason for silence on this neglect was fear of harassment from almost the Entire department, staff through to Disability Minister. Soundgarden song ‘Pretty Noose’ inspires the Barbwire Noose name with the line from the song expressive of how I felt at the time - ‘And I Don’t Like What You Got Me Hanging From’.

The clients to which I reported to Jay Weatherill, Disability Minister for the Labor government didn’t vote - they couldn’t and can’t. They have no electoral contest input, they could not speak for themselves nor move, yet their lives are completely governed by government. A government that rebranded after I reported breaches of these clients rights, that transferred a sex offending carer to Mount Gambier from Adelaide (this offending incident in Mount Gambier reported by The Border Watch), that allowed this neglect to go on.

This is the first biography I thought I would write. The trials of a misspent youth fighting the good fight for those who could not fight for themselves. Not Ugly Heros.

I spent a year trying to influence the culture of the industry to care more about caring. Some were exhausted, some already did their best and some knew better than I. To try to make change in a forgotten industry with money making and money saving the government's main objective was like meowing back to a cat. Cute, but you achieve very little.

Around 19 years of age when I started my government position working as a Disabled Care Officer for IDSC. 12 hour shifts, nursing requirements and a valid police check. I had been volunteering at The Oaks Aged Care Facility prior to this - the experience assisting in my job acquisition within Disability Services. I loved volunteering at The Oaks, the facility was a wonderful environment and the staff were amazing mentors and provided great guidance as I assisted with general tasks and providing company for residents.

I had worked under the government before, Education Department and over the years gained extensive experience with teaching the disabled, nearing 5 years working within the aquatics teaching fields.

It was after Mount Gambier serving Detective Kurt Slaven committed a criminal offence against myself. After he told me the Lakes water was responsible for increased disabled births in the local area.

IDSC was the department which span across South Australia as the government disabilities care facilities.

In 2004 - 2005 I report the incidents of neglect and assault at the high dependency house to which I assisted clients. Most of these clients could not speak nor had the cognitive ability to report not being fed, medicated, rolled, washed, etc themselves. 6 months paid leave and promised they would be spending that time to change things with thanks and lots of promise for my work return. Lots of promise that did not eventuate.

I felt immediately like I was being silenced, outed to no longer speak out and report the incidents. I had written numerous letters before I worked my way through the ranks to the Disability Ministers table. Exhausted and dismay evident in my grasps at anyone with a conscious, my youth believed the government would do the right thing, by me and by the clients in concern.

Speaking out lad to my position dissolving. I went back to work on part time hours, not full time and was no longer a carer at the property of concern. There were warnings issued I was informed but no changes of value to staffing.

Not only had my concerns been shunned by the highest concerned authorities but I was being punished for doing the right thing.

My first personal experience with true injustice.

It took 3 years for the label words 'Barbwire Noose' to pass trademarking. 6 months for 'Fear Is The Root OF All Weakness' The slogan I applied to have passed as a separate application. The slogan was the most important registration to me at the time.

I vividly remember the day I received the call for the approval. I was walking to the old YMCA complex which held the swimming pool I taught aquatic swimming and safety. An environmentalist with living choices where achievable, the distance not far from my property 69 Penola Road. I regularly walked.

It was at the line of trees bordering the oval of Frew Park, I was on the highway side and elated beyond words at the news. I'm usually all smiley teaching children, this day I was Willy Wonka in his chocolate factory.

My logo, the words, my brand Barbwire Noose had its Intellectual Property recognition finally. 3 years of telling only the few that seen me at work on it. Holding the secret was easy, I was so proud of what I was doing and my inspiration though I wanted to tell the world. Finally I could.

Young Activism

‘With hindsight, Nothing changes.’

Not a shrinking violet and an ‘A’ Grade student at school. I was confident and self sure. I often stopped at the next door neighbors house on the way home. It was an old white metal road to our farm block.

Mr Mac had a massive farm and the biggest National Geographic collection I had seen. He was part of the discovery of the Princess Margaret Rose Caves and held a lot of land in the area. The farm both cattle and sheep. My parents farm had cattle and emu.

The time spent with the debilitated achiever who had great pride and longed to stay able to be part of the farm operations as long as he could grounded me as a teen. Being very much center of attention at most places I made presence, Mr Mac was a quiet place where I was patient and listening to stories of old adventures and discovery.

He would rip out the old Barley sugars and in seasons my brother and I would pick fruit for the families of our road.

One of my best friend at high school, also an ‘A’ Grade student had a disabled brother. She was just as bright as me, not as outgoing and maybe a little brighter because she was more sensible.

I think these experiences outside of myself gave me a different perspective on humanity during my youth, which predominantly is focused on personal achievement and friends more than inner growth.

Miriam always cared and was quiet, a lot of this came from her everyday interactions with her brother. She was naturally a gentle breeze in her personality, until it came to grades in assessments, we challenged each other to achieve higher marks. We studied together and competed so to speak.

Mr Mac was so old he had a carer midday prior to my visit. She would cook, clean and cater for his general care. As he was so frail I felt obligated most days to pop my head in.

When I volunteered at The Oaks I was unable to gain work for almost 6 months, I was sad and bored. Having been sexual assaulted by some whom I should have been able to trust, I internally felt very little worth. My experience volunteering with Real, Humane people soothed my mind. Seeing so many caring, loving staff and humble, knowledgeable elderly after being taken advantage of and what followed was exactly what I needed.

It was my first and ONLY experience I’ve had with Haggis - Haggis, the national dish of Scotland, a type of pudding composed of the liver, heart, and lungs of a sheep (or other animal), minced and mixed with beef or mutton suet and oatmeal and seasoned with onion, cayenne pepper, and other spices.

We made traditional Haggis, I could not eat it.

I had been offered a job with IDSC, part time prior to taking the position some time later, the first offering fell at the same time I took the full time position at Hungry Jacks, my mother Restaurant Manager I was fast, polite and articulate in my fast food role. I applied to work in the field of Disabilities again at first chance I received, this time commencing the job as Disabled Care Officer.

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