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Australia top 10 Human Rights violations

#1 Refugee Rights, #2 Indigenous Rights, #3 LGBTI Rights, Hitting number 4 is a Human Right violation I know well.

#4 Sexual Harassment (top 10 human rights violations in Australia)

Sexual harassment and violence against women are one of Australia’s pressing human rights issues, with one in three Australian women experiencing violence in an intimate relationship, and one in five facing sexual violence. Domestic and sexual violence against women is also cited to be the greatest contributing factor of homelessness in Australia.

As a Human Rights Activist regarding sexual violence the most disappointing fact of the matter is victims are used, abused and violated AND THEN FURTHERMORE blamed for the sex offence taking place.

"It is how you dress" etc.

Sexual violence has very little to do with the victim and everything to do with the perpetrator. If you find the naked body so confronting, why are you not mortified by sexual violence?

Check yourself.🫵

#5 Incarceration of Children

#6 Free Speech

#7 Disability Rights

#8 Rights for the Elderly

#9 COVID19 Restrictions

#10 Homelessness

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