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Australia's Most Infamous Whistleblower.

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Until reporting Police Force corruption it was not common knowledge that 15 years ago I whistleblew the severest mistreatments of mute and noncognitive persons in government disabled facilities. Less commonly known are the reports made regarding breaches of Australian Standard Safety Regulation by construction organisation contracted to the Health Department of South Australia or minor child abuse under the Education Department.

Whistleblower protection laws in South Australia and governance legal protections failing myself during reports against Police, this knowledge became public and as circumstances threatened my wellbeing the truth, the truth was Publicly Heard not only in self defence but for resolution.

Meeting by The Public Office of Integrity.

"Strangling Accountability - the Government's toothless watchdog".

Date Time: Nov 19, 2020 12:00 PM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney.

Description: With the Hon Stephen Charles AO QC and Quentin Dempster AM.

Australia’s democracy rests on the principles that the people are sovereign and power is exercised under the rule of law. The integrity of key institutions safeguards these principles by upholding accountability, open government and just laws, and investigating allegations of misconduct. These accountability institutions need to be strong and independent, but all too often are undermined through funding cuts, restricted powers and scope, or partisan appointments.

Former judge Stephen Charles AO QC as he discusses the flaws in the Commonwealth Integrity Commission bill - a toothless watchdog that will allow government to avoid scrutiny.

Questions allowed I put forward a question to Former Judge, the Honorable Stephen Charles. Quoting his accurate assessment of the proposed National Integrity Commission passed in 2019 and submitted as follows:

The National Integrity Commission passed in government 2019 needed to be enacted. Quoting Former Victorian judge Stephen Charles to the Sydney morning Herald.

Written by Nick O'Malley, May 13, 2019 “The Coalition’s proposed Commonwealth Integrity

Commission is a fraudulent nonsense, designed to protect ministers, parliamentarians and their aides from investigation and exposure,” the former Victorian appeals court judge said.

A promise of swift action and investigations from government regarding the sector watchdog, a comment made by parliament representatives 2020. The most responsible commentary made in Australian politics in the beginning of 2020 just another empty promise with November 2020 arriving and the disgraced Governor General Christian Porter announces a mid 2021 expected enactment.'


  • All Court Jurisdictions Nationally to be notified regarding ANY citizen(s) is active in or relevant to a Royal Commission(s) State or Nationally.

  • Powers to Compel witnesses and documents.

  • Exemption to Self Incriminate with No Rights of Silence.

  • Court proceedings for all criminal chargings.

  • Public Disclosure Discretions.

  • Regulated Media access to hearings; subject to confidentiality, approval for disclosures and hearing type.

  • 50% application of Royal Commission findings resolutions to be applied to the investigated government sector.

My question:

If you could write/rewrite the current 390 pages of legislation proposed what do you feel are most imperative to obtain fair and ethical integrity over Australian governance?

A valuable discussion, it was express the most imperative element to Public Intergrity is Public Hearings.

Australia's proposed legislation under the Scott Morrison government offering no avenue for Public Accountability to citizens with only the 11 law enforcement agency's publicly heard, the Scott Morrison government intends to take tax payers money and citizen lives and liberties without due account to the use of tax payer dollars.

Whistleblowing Advice:

First and foremost: Write directly to the Top.

Don't be disheartened when met with resistance to rectification and dissonance.

Chain of Command reporting is Key.

Every whistleblowing incident I have reported is reported via management channels and I continue the chain until reaching the top of command. Whether that's management, parliamentary or the Prime Minister.

Persons actively involved, disrupting justice and those who correctly execute their job can all be clearly identified by chain of command reporting.👑✌

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